I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

If we narrow down the list of Home and Away winners and obiously we wont count people like Kate Ritchie or Melissa George we have a list.

Tammin Sursok
Isabel Lucas
Bec Cartwright
Bonnie Sveen
Kimberley Cooper
Nicolle Dickson

But its the legend thats throwing me off. They could have been known for Home and Away but won a Logie for something else which makes me think Georgie Parker.

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Georgie Parker just announced taking 7 weeks off from Home and Away to do a play. Seven bosses wouldn’t be very happy with her if she went to 10 to do a reality show.

Likely story

Didn’t Amy Matthews and Jodi Gordon from Home And Away also win a logie?

It could also be someone who ‘won a logie’ when the show won a best drama award… someone like Holly Brisley.

Debra lawrence, celia ireland, tasma walton and sonia todd have all won logies and done significant stints on the show too.

So many Home and Away actresses have won a Logie - some in the Popular Actress category, and many in the New Talent category.

Debra Lawrence won Supporting Actress for Please Like Me. It could be her too? As she was in Home and Away too.

Unrelated to Home and Away - it could be Rowena Wallace… but her age and health may be a factor. She would have been great on the show.

My first thought was someone who’s spent time in theatre, but perhaps they could be a singer?

Will This Celeb Chef Master The Jungle?

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Premieres Sunday, 2 April.

We all know food makes friends and this chef will surely be the heart and soul of the jungle when I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! premieres live from South Africa on Sunday, 2 April at 7.30pm.

Mastering the art of the exotic snack in the real world, the food challenges are bound to be a breeze. Or not.

Used to whipping up a frenzy, will they walk away with the crown like chefs before them?

This one is hard to guess. It could be a chef like Gary Mehigan or Shannon Bennett, or a former MasterChef Australia contestant.

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Wouldn’t surprise me if it was Colombaris

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It’s always handy to have a chef in camp.

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I don’t reckon it’s a bad idea getting an old famous MC face in there. Also considering watching this for the first time since it moved to Jan proper and clashed with major sport, I was a fan in its first few seasons, as were many Aussies IIRC the ratings used to open with over 1m metro and a few eps high '000s.

but the more funny thing is if they put someone like Jess Rowe in as the chef


She’s obsessed with bringing up that Eddie McGuire ‘boned’ thing and Channel Ten axing

Rowena wallace was in home and away for a stint her son was played by justin melvey

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his last attempt to return to TV died a quick death, he’d surely be up for another go


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It’s just she keeps bringing it up in podcasts or studio interviews or articles what feels like every month, it was a long time ago now and clearly she has not moved on/bears a grudge. Not saying she is in the wrong, she was hard done by, but not sure not moving on isn’t wise either - many others in a very similar situation to her have and have rarely or never delved deep into it again. I might be making too much of a thing about it, but just IMO.

I guess it’s just years since I’ve heard anything from her, anywhere. She did a podcast with Denise Drysdale ages ago but I don’t think she mentioned the Eddie comments at all. Though now i haven’t gone back through the thread, but what clue triggered her as a suspected contestant on the show?

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