I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Why can’t they change it and go somewhere else other than South Africa, i dunno …South America etc?


I believe there is already a camp setup that’s used for other countries’ version of I’m a Celebrity.


I believe the camp was setup specifically for 10 / ITV to do this show and it’s been used by another international version.

Makes sense for them to keep going back to the same location, sinilarly to the UK version. This isn’t Survivor


Why not do it in Australia?


I mean sure, there’s a perfectly good camp down there at Currumbin (?) they could use which would be a hell of a lot cheaper, but how boring. What’s the selling point? The African location presents better opportunities for the show, both from unique location, tougher challenges, different environment etc.


That is correct. It has been used for the Danish, Hungarian and Romanian versions of the show. Personally, I would like to see a switch to Brazil (the French version filmed just outside of Rio de Janeiro in 2006), but the cost of building another purpose-built camp would be significant. Even with Survivor these days, they have permanently settled in Fiji.


It was said around the start of the first series that it would not work with them being in Australia because we are more used to seeing our own creepy crawlies and things so they aren’t as scary as the exotic African animals, though it probably wouldn’t make a difference to most people who have lived their own life in cities.


According to TV Week, the first episode is from 7.30pm to 11pm, although the magazine can be wrong.


I believe it is in Dungay, NSW, close to the Queensland border.



I desperately want it to be Tash as she would be hilarious but I agree the veteran part of the clue makes me raise my doubts, even though Exelby has been in the game for a while.

George Negus: Controversy with Ben Roberts-Smith on The Circle?
Helen Kapalos: On air meltdown during the leadership challenge?



TV Week has their own theories on who will go in:

Perez Hilton
Mark Latham
Pauline Hanson
Jason Akermanis
Curtis Stone
Paul Fenech
Celeste Barber
Joel Hildebrand
Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins/Sam Cochrane/Cass Wood


But on night one, we have a surprise announcement up our leopard printed sleeves that the girls will not see coming. Sorry not sorry ladies.


She’s a sitting Federal Senator… can’t see her taking time off to do this. (And before anyone brings it up, she didn’t hold any political office at the time she did DWTS)


George Negus has never been a newsreader though.



This one’s gotta be Bachelor related surely


We love love … surely Georgia Love?


I wonder why she would do a show like this though. 10 Melbourne reporter with decent national presenting gigs on the weekend news and also Studio 10, also a Palmers ambassador along with others and various other commitments.


News Corp suggested about a month ago that Justin Lacko from Love Island was going on the show.