I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Isn’t it just for a month over Easter, so will be done by early May?

If Idol is axed maybe Scott Tweedie might go back in the other direction. As for what Chris Brown will do at Seven - the casting notice out for “Ultimate Escape” seems like the sort of format they might give him.

He is on a network contract. He worked across a suite of programs for the network.

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Not according to Amanda Keller. None of the Living Room team were on any contract.

Him hosting will be just him taking the piss at the show and Julia’s flamboyant presentation.

Would be hilarious to boot though.

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That’s the thing though. Without Julia as his sidekick is he really that good? Will he go to Better Homes and Gardens? Will Seven role out more pet programs cause The Dog House does well? What other show could he be on apart from the regular Vet guy on Sunrise and Mornings?


10 has the new program Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia coming this year.

So perhaps there was an element of being overlooked for that.

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He fronted Bondi Vet for at least five years, and from memory that show did fairly well in sales to overseas broadcasters.


That is correct, only Julia and Chris are on a ITV contract.

Dog House, Living Room are 10 in house productions and contracts did not get offered.

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Without The Living Room this year, his only gig would be I’m A Celebrity, which is airing in April/May. And apart from the rare hosting gig on The Project, then there’s not much else? At least some other tv personalities have regular radio gigs to fall back on.

Seven do need a big name to fill in the shoes for Dr Harry once he retires… Could Dr Chris host a new season of Cats Behaving Badly and Funny Cat Videos? :stuck_out_tongue:
A possible gig could be the “main fill-in host” of The Morning Show when Larry’s away doing The Chase, and doing the odd story for an ever growing team on Better Homes & Gardens.

Out of the names being thrown around to work with Julia, the only one I can see potentially working is Denyer but that would need the chemistry to really work… although with Chris gone, it wouldn’t surprise me if Julia went elsewhere for other things too.

I like the idea of Chris replacing Dr Harry who surely must be ready to retire at some point and it wouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, just a succession and Harry being ready to retire. Whether Chris would need something to “boost” his profile more at 7 and his credentials I could see another season of something like a Bondi Vet or a Harrys Practice working for them. As long as it’s cheap and not expected to set the ratings world on fire it could replace some of the very old Border Security repeats around and would work as filler content in the future while also reminding people he is an actual vet after the years of working with Julia.


I am thinking that maybe this is the last season of Celebrity

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Celebrity still has potential to do well in its new yearly time. How well will determine renewal. With new formats not firing, anything that is even modestly successful is getting renewed.

He narrates The Dog House too. That’s actually quite a lot of work he had been doing. Hopefully he actually does a lot at Seven and isn’t warehoused.

Dr Andrew Rochford was poached by Seven a few years back but apart from appearances on Sunrise and sometimes Seven News, didn’t end up doing much else there.


He’s not even on Studio 10 anymore since the revamp

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At $1m a year, I don’t think replacing old mate Harry is what is planned.

Certainly bigger plans here.

The first celeb revealed on Dancing With The Stars ? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Rochford had disagreements with 7 didn’t he? From what I heard it wasn’t a smooth relationship. Didn’t even last 3 years.

Chris is in a different league.

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Patti Newton (who turned 78 yesterday) has told the Sunday Herald Sun that she turned down another offer to take part in I’m a Celebrity, because of having to ingest disgusting food, the remote South African location and wise counsel from daughter Lauren and grandchildren.

The Sunday Telegraph’s Phil Rothfield reports that Olympian bronze medallist Harry Garside has decided to take part in the new season, putting his professional boxing career in doubt. Unbeaten in three professional fights, the 25-year-old hasn’t fought since May last year when he suffered a hand injury that required surgery.

Probably wise at her grand age

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Aussie star dumped over reality TV move:

Harry Garside’s professional boxing career is up in the air after he opted to appear on a reality TV show instead of taking on a fight.

Garside has reportedly rejected the opportunity to headline a Foxtel Main Event boxing card in his home city of Melbourne, choosing instead to appear on Channel 10’s reality TV Show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!


Overdramatic NewsCorp upset after a boxer rejects appearing in a NewsCorp event.