so far so good! setup was easy, and exploring around, it has proven to be a good little box so far.


Let me know if you get audio sync issues Michael - that’s my main annoyance on my box so far (even after playing with the audio delay in settings)

Hubbl users without a Kayo Sports subscription can watch the Super Netball season and Formula 1 practice and qualifying in Japan.

The content will be available to stream directly from the device’s home page and via the dedicated sport page.

Finally caved in and got a Hubbl box myself. Impressed with it so far, and it integrates seamlessly with my Kayo and Flash subscriptions, plus the OTA DVB channels.

Bit of a quirk though with the FTA channels - the EPG Guide software identifies 7 Tasmania and ABC Tasmania correctly, but the others have been labelled as a combination of Victoria, Sydney and Melbourne channels

However, if I use the bespoke “Access your local channels” app, everything is correct.

Wish it had Android TV app compatibility so I could add and such but I’ve got a Chromecast which can fill that gap.


Finally got my antenna fixed today so I could see how the Hubbl handles that tonight and it’s pretty good - it’s actually quite speedy for the local channels which is good.

Have you gone in and chosen whether to access channels via terrestrial or streaming? It’s a bit weird the way that one works because some of the local ones end up being selected correctly but then others end up in the 200+ channel numbers and it’s weird.

Sydney seems to be the default as there are people from Perth who seem to get the Sydney streams too and I get Sydney by default as my IP location comes up as Sydney but channel names also say Melbourne for me. All the channels it picks up from FTA come up as Tas versions but channels not broadcast like 7flix or 7Bravo say they are the Melbourne versions but will play as the Sydney one.

I’ve told it to access everything via terrestrial from the get go so it’s ordered it correctly from the start. Just wonky channel names and EPG data.

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I may be absolutely tired but I have tried talking to the remote and it still won’t get me the correct Ten Stream. Maybe I’m not yelling loud enough ?:face_with_peeking_eye:

Free sport comes alive on Hubbl

Kayo Freebies to be integrated on Hubbl, adding thousands of hours of free sport to the platform with no Kayo Sports login required

Australia’s newest transformative TV technology, Hubbl, today announced Kayo Freebies has joined the lineup of Australia’s biggest free streaming apps available on Hubbl.

Thousands of hours of free live and on demand sporting moments, across a wide range of sports, will be integrated into the Hubbl experience via Kayo Freebies from Thursday 4 April.

Just in time for the start of the Super Netball season and Formula 1 races in Japan and China, Kayo Freebies content will be available to stream directly from the Hubbl home page and via the dedicated sport page.

Kayo Freebies will be seamlessly available on Hubbl, users can just click on the Freebies rail to start streaming, no additional login required.

In a celebration of the best of Australian sports, live and free, Hubbl will now fuse content from Australia’s biggest free apps including YouTube and free-to-air apps together with Kayo Freebies. The best of free sports will be hero-ed throughout the Hubbl universe with curated carousels and featured rails celebrating hours of the best free sporting events.

Sports fans will also be able to select their favourite free sporting moments by simply using the ‘+’ button on the remote to add to a personalised Watchlist.

Making access to free sport easier than ever before, Kayo Freebies on Hubbl will not require a Kayo subscription to view free content. Sports available to stream via Kayo Freebies includes select Super Netball games, select NBL games including the NBL Finals and all NBL1 games, all Formula 1 and MotoGP practice and qualifier races, select Supercars races, all races and events for Sail GP and America’s Cup, and the World Surf League, plus a variety of Kayo Minis and Kayo Bites for the best highlights in sport.

Les Wigan, Managing Director of Hubbl, says, ‘The Hubbl universe makes accessing your favourite apps and channels simple. We are pleased we can now use the Hubbl technology to make Kayo Freebies even easier to access. Though Kayo Freebies remains available through the Kayo Sports app, on Hubbl it means no Kayo Sports password or username is required and dedicated rails will bring together hours of the best free sporting events with ease.”

Julian Ogrin, Managing Director of Kayo Sports, says, ‘Sport is part of our DNA and we know how much Australians love it. Several years ago Kayo made a commitment to offer free sport to the Australian public. Kayo makes it effortless to get access to that sport and we are thrilled to be able to use the Hubbl technology to take that further – whether its live, replays or minis, there are 35+ free sports available to stream on the platform.’

Stacey West, CEO of Netball Australia, says, “Netball is the number one female team sport in Australia and is played by over one million people – with Kayo Freebies added to Hubbl, Australians will have another easy way to access the very best from the sport, including the Suncorp Super Netball season which starts on April 13.”

Hubbl is available at Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi retail stores nationally and via

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If you have an Apple TV…


Different to the Hubbl as it won’t let you go straight to the Kayo or Binge channels etc… and they’re not integrated. That’s the only aspect of the Hubbl that I wish was available elsewhere but since Kayo has been removed from Kodi and other things it’s made things difficult. It’s nice having the guide for those channels available straight away.