House Rules

New promo featuring twins Luke and Cody Cook has been screening for the past couple of days. They are from Dalby in Queensland’s Darling Downs region.

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They do pick good contestants. The Reno Rumble contestants look cringeworthy.

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What’s going to be the difference here for it to be called ‘Crowded?’

Will the families be involved? As in many cases of the normal show, there were big family homes and the families in the reveal etc.

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Instead of a reno show it’s gonna be a tribute to the Finn Brothers.

First look to the new season has been posted on the show’s website today. It also went to air last night.

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With big challenges, big decisions, big designs, and big Aussie families, Australia’s biggest renovation show just got a whole lot bigger.

Six new teams from around Australia are set to take on the biggest challenge of their lives. They all have one thing in common: a lack of space. Their family has grown but their house hasn’t. This time, the teams are doing it for their families. Together, they’ll travel the country, hand over the keys to their homes and leave their opposition to transform every room in their house. They will need to make the most of every nook and cranny as they battle it out to become mortgage free.

Host Johanna Griggs will be in the thick of the action as six brave teams gamble with the most important possession in their lives.

Guided by just five House Rules, the teams will each be given a designated zone in the house. They must draw on all their creative talents, determination and strategy to deliver some of the biggest reveals yet.

Returning to guide the teams, and help them decipher the all-important House Rules, is acclaimed interior designer Carolyn Burns-McCrave. And with only one week to completely transform each home, the teams will need all the help they can get.

Expert judges – award-winning architect and designer Joe Snell and Home Beautiful magazine editor Wendy Moore – will score each team for their work out of 10. But ultimately it’s the home owners who will decide their fate.

Without knowing who was responsible for each zone, the home owners will also score each team out of 10. Will they love what they see?

Back at Homebase, the scores will be revealed, and one by one the teams will be eliminated.

The two teams left standing will face-off in an epic Grand Final for a chance to win the most coveted prize on Australian TV…their entire mortgage completely paid off!

The six teams vying for the life-changing prize are:
NEW SOUTH WALES / Nancy & Daniel
QUEENSLAND / Luke & Cody
SOUTH AUSTRALIA / Brooke & Michelle
VICTORIA / Claire & Hagan

The six teams were first revealed on New Idea magazine last week. I was surprised to find there were two Victorian teams competing in this season. If Claire and Hagan were labelled as Victoria that could suggest they lived in regional areas.

You get surprised a lot. :laughing: Nobody said they have to have hard and strict rules. Maybe another team dropped out at the last minute and they had a back-up.

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They are from the very remote Mornington Peninsular

House Rules premieres next Wednesday 7.30.

Why on earth are they launching this on a Wednesday? They are setting it up to fail. I’m guessing they are trying to get a head start on Masterchef which will probably start up the following week… but if they plan this show to be Sun-Wed then kicking off later in the week seems silly to me. Might have been smarter to kick it off same night as MKR finale straight after.

Also won’t this show be a bit out of whack if it’s designed for 4 episodes a week? I’m guessing they will need to shove in doubles or something to get it into sync in the schedule which would also be setting it up to fail.

Mornington Peninsula is not that remote and is a part of Greater Melbourne region. Mitch and Laura (who competed in this season of MKR) live in the same area. Last year there were media reports that the producers were scouting for properties in the area (e.g. this article).
I am a bit surprised there was no Tasmanian team competing this season.

House Rules is so structured that during interior renovations, every fourth episode is a house reveal and always airs on a Sunday or Monday. A Wednesday premiere suggests the first house reveal could occur on Monday, May 2.

[quote=“Chris, post:32, topic:633”]
Might have been smarter to kick it off same night as MKR finale straight after. [/quote]
That strategy has failed in the past because the grand final is usually quite long. It seems to work better with a debut on the following night.

I’m pretty sure the premiere of House Rules has always been quite weak the night after MKR. From memory the first week numbers are always pretty low. Might as well try something different.

Well, in 2015 it was a disaster but I’d say mostly because Nine premiered Reno Rumble on the same night Tuesday 5 May, so they cancelled each other out and Masterchef was the big winner. MKR final was Monday.

But in 2014 it debuted with 1,183,000 on Wednesday 30 April and was the number two show that night behind the news. MKR final was Tuesday.

In 2013 it was a different game again with House Rules debuting on Tuesday 30 April in a later slot after Celebrity Splash, which flopped on its second night against The Voice. MKR final was Sunday and Celebrity Splash debut 1.32m was not bad on Monday against The Voice 2.02m.

We know it will be House Rules vs Masterchef vs The Voice this time but we’ll have to see whether they all debut on the same night this year. Personally, I think Masterchef should debut Wednesday against House Rules and continue Thursday and Nine should launch The Voice on the Monday when House Rules does their reveal.

In the latest 7 schedule, House Rules is listed as a double episode on Thursday 28 April running from 7.30 - 9.45pm. They should have edited the first 3 episodes better so that the Wednesday was longer to avoid such a long episode.

I think Seven schedules the double episode so it overlaps with Nine’s NRL telecast (South Sydney v Wests Tigers kicks off 7.45pm AEST). That leaves house reveal on the Sunday.

Did they give up on the ‘Crowded House Rules’ concept?

The “Crowded House Rules” concept is just for promotion purposes.

Given no Masterchef and Voice, this show actually may stand a chance to succeed again in its first week.

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