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Woolworths has announced the axing of Masters. I wonder what the impact of house rules sponsorship will be?

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I would assume they would still shop at the stores but the branding will be nonexistent. I mean surely the sponsorship has already been paid if they allowed them to film in their stores and buy their products.

Joh Griggs responding to a Masters question on twitter.

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In other words, Masters was not on board when season 4 was filmed last year. We have to wait to find out which hardware stores the teams visited to get the materials.

I hope you can handle the suspense. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I posed the question. I’m guessing it could be Bunnings since BHG is associated with them. Doubt it would be the same as The Block and Mitre 10.

Given they filmed the seasons back to back I would be very surprised if Masters was used for season 3 but not season 4. That seems odd. Isn’t filming a season back to back meant to utilise a lot of the same things and reduce costs? I’m not so convinced by Joanna Griggs answer either as “No, from memory they weren’t on board” that kind of looks like she’s not 100% sure herself. If Masters is used and the stores don’t exist anymore I guess there will just be limited mention of it.

I’m still gobsmacked that for a show like this it’s going to be a good 12-15 months from when it was filmed before it even starts airing. What if any of the couples want to make changes to their homes? It would be awkward to see the live style finale and then the houses have been changed up in parts since the renovations… unless they decided to do it differently this season and have the winner pre-decided without the live element due to the delay.

1st promo aired tonight during MKR. Just five seconds long.

The byline is: The team who brings you My Kitchen Rules, is building something NEW. The families are coming. It’s Crowded House Rules.

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Promo image

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“In other words” ?? You pretty much repeated the content of Joh’s tweet.

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With both Seven and Nine starting to pump the advertising for their renovation shows, it’s looking very likely these shows will be going head to head at some point after easter. This isn’t going to end well.

I think RR could start on easter Monday, but MKR still has months to go. RR could be over by the time HR starts.

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Saw an extended promo tonight during MKR. Looks good.
Seven won’t want it to clash with Reno Rumble though.

Meh House Rules will be the same old and if Renovation Rumble starts first people will be over the concept by the time this comes around. Seven made a huge mistake filming this so far in advance given the last seasons ratings were average.

True, but they had committed to doing it before Nine tried to snooker them with Reno Rumble and a second season of The Block all in the same year which created fatigue.

If Nine were hell bent on having a second season of Reno Rumble, they should have run it against MKR. Unless RR has a quick season, we’re now going to end up with RR going up against HR and nobody will be the winner…again.

But it looks like Reno R will be well and truly underway by the time House Rules tries to get a share of the audience.

And to think Seven and Nine both said last year and into the start of this ratings year, they wouldn’t put similar reality programs up against each other…

Yeah, it’s laughable. Seven commissioned First Dates and Seven Year Itch after Nine had success with Marriage At First Sight. Now Nine is going to have The Briefcase following Seven announcing The Day the Cash Came.

Where’s the rolling around on the floor laughing emoji when you want it.

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