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Looks like Gyton Grantley and Darren McMullen are out of the next season.

The Sunday Telegraph

The Sunday Herald Sun also says today Gary Sweet and Julia Morris are considering leaving the show, although Nine says Gary is staying for season 5. The article also says the show’s future is in doubt because the government tax rebates for production stop after 65 episodes.

If they lose any of the four House Husbands, I think they should call it quits and create something new.



Personally, I think they should call it quits and create something new anyway. Has House Husbands ever been a particularly huge rater?

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Average really but better than some other shows Nine have tried.

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Hugh Sheridan, one of Australia’s favourite actors, presenters and musicians, will join the cast of the Nine Network’s Logie Award-winning family drama House Husbands in 2016.

Sheridan will play Nick Gazecki, arriving into the House Husbands world as Nepean South’s specialist music teacher.

Nick hits all the right notes with the kids. He is their in-house Pied Piper, encouraging them to bang and clang to their hearts’ content. Who thought school could be this cool?

His effortless, smooth arrival at Nepean South hits a glitch however, and the glitch has a name: Lewis Crabb (Gary Sweet).

Hugh Sheridan is one of Australia’s finest young artists. He has appeared in top Australian television dramas and theatrical productions, and is currently one-third of California Crooners Club which is playing sellout shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and winning “Best Music Act” and “Critics Circle Pick” awards.

Sheridan said: “I feel very lucky to join the extraordinary team who have created this hit show. I’m pumped to get on set and rock with the cast – I hear they’re a lot of fun.”

Nine’s co-Heads of Drama, Jo Rooney and Andy Ryan, said: “Australia’s favourite House Husbands won’t know what’s hit them when Hugh Sheridan blasts into their world. Hugh is one of Australia’s most popular and gifted actors, and we’re delighted he’s joining Nine as our newest and most intriguing House Husband.”

House Husbands series five will go to air on the Nine Network later this year.

I assume he’s replacing Gyton Gantley. Any word on Julia Morris signing up again?

It’s going to be difficult to explain those characters being missing next season considering Julia’s character was being a surrogate for Gyton’s character.

@JBar Julia said on her website in December she is returning for season five this year.

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Thanks @Salty. Thought it was still up in the air

###Season 5 Commences Production

House Husbands, will commence filming its fifth season in Melbourne this week.

Gary Sweet (Lewis) Firass Dirani (Justin), Rhys Muldoon (Mark), Julia Morris (Gemma), Natalie Saleeba (Abi), Jane Allsop (Rachel), Louise Siversen (Miss Looby) and Denise Scott (Nurse Toni) will reprise their roles in series five.

Four-time Logie winner Hugh Sheridan joins the cast to play Nick Gazecki, a brash music teacher who hits all the right notes until he makes an enemy of his new neighbour Lewis (Gary Sweet).

Other new cast members include AFI winner Roy Billing as Mark’s loveable father Bernie, and showbiz legend Nancye Hayes as Mark’s overbearing mother Liz.

Nine’s co-Heads of Drama Jo Rooney and Andy Ryan said: “Everyone with a family can relate to the House Husbands and their partners as they juggle the pressures of relationships, work and parenting. Their kids might be growing up fast but our House Husbands still have a lot to learn.”

Sue Seeary from Playmaker said: “We are thrilled to be back again for a fifth series. With such a wonderful returning cast and the opportunity of working with Hugh Sheridan as the new House Husband, this series is sure to capture the hearts and funnybones of our loyal and discerning audience. Nepean South is set to rock in 2016.”

House Husbands is a Playmaker production for the Nine Network, with the support of Film Victoria.

Executive Producers are Andy Ryan and Jo Rooney from the Nine Network, with David Maher, David Taylor and Sue Seeary from Playmaker. The series is produced by Sue Seeary, with script producer Jo Martino and directors Grant Brown, Ian Watson, Fiona Banks and Sian Davies.

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Delta Goodrem announced on The Today Show this morning she was joining the cast of House Husbands this year.

Herald Sun’s Cameron Adams tweets that Delta will play motorbike riding tomboy teacher Izzy Dreyfus who has an “audacious attitude”.
That just entrenches Delta’s relationship with Nine, having been a judge on The Voice franchise since it began in 2012. It will be her first TV or movie drama role since Hating Alison Ashley in 2005, although she filmed a cameo for Neighbours’ 30th anniversary specials in late 2014, reprising the character of Nina Tucker.


Australian singer-songwriter and actress Delta Goodrem will return to our screens in season five of the Nine Network’s Logie Award-winning family drama, House Husbands.

Goodrem will play Izzy Dreyfus who is the new reading recovery teacher at Nepean South Primary School.

Riding in on her cafe racer motorbike, brilliant, beautiful and slightly tomboyish Izzy both excites and frightens everyone in the House Husbands world and her audacious attitude is instrumental in diverting a threat to the Nepean South community that none of them see coming.

Goodrem said: “I couldn’t be happier to join the amazing House Husbands family. It’s such a fantastic Aussie drama that I love – and my whole family loves – so I feel very lucky and cannot wait to get started.”

Nine’s co-Heads of Drama, Jo Rooney and Andy Ryan, said: “We’re very excited to welcome Delta Goodrem to the House Husbands cast. Delta is a much-loved Australian performer who brings a special star quality to our screens. We can’t wait to welcome her on-set to play Izzy.”

Playmaker Executive Producer Sue Seeary said: “Audiences adore her as a songstress and coach on The Voice and we are incredibly excited to be working with Delta the actress. The team at House Husbands are thrilled to welcome one of Australia’s most multi-talented artists – a welcome that will be heartily echoed by our audience.”

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Delta will be a great addition to the cast.

I just read that House Husbands has been delayed until next year. WTF. I mean I don’t really like it all that much but 9 has hardly aired any Australian drama this year. Apart from a rushed Love Child what else have they aired? It must be an all time low for them. Still at least it’s good to see cheap New Zealand crap still counting as quota points and one of 9’s subsidiary channels burning through the eps.

I hope you’re being sarcastic. NZ shows should not count. This has probably been the worst year of scripted Aussie drama on Nine in recent history.

Yes of course. I hate that loophole that is constantly exploited by 9 and 10 and now seems to be with 7 as well.

I’d say it’s the worst since the early 90s. At least in the late noughties you had Mcleod’s Daughters, Sea Patrol, Underbelly and a concerted effort for drama. Nowadays you have nothing. I can’t believe 9 actually has the balls to hold over drama and then crow about it saying it’s an increase for next year. Total BS.

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It’s a disgrace how little Aussie drama they’ve screened this year.