Hot Seat - 6 families will go head to head starting Monday to win big cash. So something to compete with The Chase Austrslia.

Nothing new in this story - was reported here 6 days ago

At least we have a thread on the show now


Is there any reason why this appears?

For a viewer competition they’ve been advertising recently.

It’s really shoehorned into the show.

Can we just go back to the original format of WWTBAM? I’m really sick and tired of the Hot Seat variation of Millionaire.


An 86 year old man won $20,000 on today’s episode of Hot Seat making him the oldest winner of this edition of WWTBAM.

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Hot Seat airing repeats on Friday now just like The Chase Australia.

Surely I’m not the only one who wouldn’t be surprised to see The Chase Australia and Hot Seat airing new episodes on Sunday nights once the football seasons have wrapped up?

I wonder if the latest Eddie McGuire controversy will affect the ratings for Hot Seat.

Just heard the show referred to in a promo as the hottest drama on tv.

Lol wut?

Maybe Nine accidentally got the people who usually do the promos for Love Child to produce the Hot Seat promos this week? :stuck_out_tongue:



Starts today at 5.30pm

Starting today at 5.30pm on Channel Nine, Millionaire Hot Seat will give away more money in the next fortnight than at other time in its seven-year history.

Night after night, we will see a life-changing sum of money won by ordinary Australians.

And viewers will be treated to an historic event that will go down in Hot Seat history when we see one everyday Aussie play for the top prize of one million dollars.

After seven years, it’s the moment the country has been waiting for. In an instant, everything could change for one lucky contestant in the Hot Seat.

Don’t miss the incredible Millionaire Hot Seat event that will captivate the nation and show that dreams really can come true.

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I’ll be appearing as a contestant in tonight’s episode if anyone is interested. Tune in for some guaranteed car-crash television. I’ll be sitting in seat 3.


So you win the million yeah?

If I told you that I’d have to kill you!!

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If a contestant was going to win $1 Million on Hot Seat this week, don’t you think that Nine would go all out and promote the episode as “the big one” knowing how On-Air Promotion is usually done at this network?

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It’s probably no spoiler to say the $1 million doesn’t go off tonight. But I will say it is a great episode for a number of reasons regardless. Everyone tune in!

Nine will practically tell us the date when/if the big one does finally go off. Expect it be earlier in the week as well when ratings are typically higher.

Don’t usually watch this but had a look today because I saw your post earlier. You were very entertaining! I’m not just saying that because I owe the tax office money.

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