Home and Away

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I don’t watch home and away but wish it would go back to what it was in the late 2000s family problems,school issues funny characters like Colleen Smart.They should bring back some heritage characters like what Neighbours does so well. To me Home and away these days does not feel like Home and Away.


If anyone remembers 2021 we had a similar storyline Nik, Chloe, Bella and Ryder got kidnapped by those bad guys after Tane.

Similar in that it was a shipping container in the middle of nowhere.

Probably just reusing props by this point.

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Lol a comment made on Whirlpool I paraphrased on to a Facebook group made it to a Yahoo story now

“Must be the same shipping container they used three years ago when Nik, Chloe, Bella, and Ryder got kidnapped by those bad guys after Tane,” the person pointed out.

Home and Away fans point out hidden detail in kidnapping storyline (yahoo.com)


Didn’t they also use a shipping container many years ago in the storyline involving Martha (Jodi Gordon) and Hugo Austin (Bernard Curry)?


Recycling shipping containers like they recycle kidnapping storylines. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Next thing youll be telling me there will be a car crash soon

:rofl: Without fail.

They also kidnapped Kyle, Oscar and Evie and put them in a shipping container 10 years ago too. It’s getting so repetitive.

or someone’s long lost mother, father, sister, brother, or another other family connection might turn up

They need to think up different storylines and bring back the caravan park and high school kids, like it used to be.

That’s exactly what Ray Meagher’s been saying.

That’s the 2024 Season Finale !

Are we up to the car crash? When’s the bus one due next? Planes and boats can’t be overused but have been done. Does Summer Bay have a train station?


According to Wiki

The show has also featured many natural disaster storylines, including a cyclone, storm, flood, landslide, earthquake, and bushfires. There have also been several storylines involving car, bus, plane and boating accidents

Seems like a tsunami is a glaring omission! :ocean:

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The screenwritiers will probably add one saying that it’s always been there but the cast don’t use it.

Add volcano to the list of natural disasters still to be done.

Also a war - have Alf take on the River Boys

Are there any volcanoes in NSW?

Nope - but neither are there landslides or major earthquakes, or cyclones

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Time for them to move with the times and start thinking out of the box.

How about Justin launches a new crypto coin which then has all the Summer Bay people investing in it and then it goes bad so Justin and Leah are hated and nearly driven out of town until Alf learns how to hack and takes Justin down through a compromised password and stealing his identity.

Well… it’s more realistic than half their other storylines!