Hits of 2016

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“The school year’s almost over for Australia’s commercial networks…”

We’re currently in August, not November! :confused:


The primary Ten channel is the only one to grow its audience this year. Highest since 2012. According to Ten.

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I am unsure why you are replying to me. Did I say anything to the contrary?

you believed that Seven “went up a notch this year”.

A- for Seven. Geez I guess they enjoyed LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


They have in terms of new programing. And believe in percentage would have now after the olympics.

Just to clarify Seven have gone up a notch. Last year the Network managed 29.3% at the moment they are on 30.9%. They do have a new channel. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t gone up this year. Ten have done well to spin their information, and that is what they are supposed to do. But considering you are on this forum you must understand that every network can spin their data to suit themselves. I was actually referring to seven’s new shows. They have managed to make some big hits at 8:30/9:00. And I would be led to believe are the only network with a new hit show, so far.

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I didn’t mean the network shares, I meant primary channel shares.

This comment is my exact point from my previous post.

Seven West Media have released a statement today, clamining the year.

#1 TV network for a decade”.

Massive achievement, Q4 hasn’t even aired yet :clap:

Just Desserts is a hit based on the first episode.

Things might change soon I reckon

I don’t think anyone pointed it out yet…

“My Kitchen Rules - Winner Announced” wasn’t the #1 non-sport program of 2016.


It was actually “Molly - Part 1”.


Beat it by 2k!

Wow, amazing achievement. Brilliant local drama :slight_smile:

@TV.Cynic will hopefully back me up there?

[Metro consolidated].

In terms of the last half of the final TV quarter…

I think X Factor will do well for Ch 7 (as usual), it’s not MKR but still pulls around 1m & does especially well in Sydney.

Ch 9 will crash back down to earth once Married At First Sight & The Block are finished. Whilst both aren’t setting thr world on fire, the ratings and key demos have been great.

Why did Ch 9 air 3 eps of Married per week? Wastage desicion that could cost them I reckon.

Ch 10’s year should continue to be good/competitive, with The Bachelorette, Brock & The Wrong Girl to come.

ABC is also doing brilliant with Gruen, Anh Do, etc.

AFL & NRL finals as well as Melbourne Cup will also provide massive ratings for Ch 7 / Ch 9. Bathurst should be massive for Ch 10.


I don’t think any shows that will be airing during the last few months of the ratings year in TV will set the world on fire, aside from live sport and maybe news (success there will depend on if there’s a heap of major news events that happen in Spring/Summer like there has been the last few years) of course.

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I dont think X Factor will fire at all. I expect very low figures from it.


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I think The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey is a surprise hit of 2016, if it fits the criteria for this thread. The show pulled 1 million viewers on both nights and boasted an audience increase from part 1 to part 2.


We could say telemovies / mini-series / one off specials are still strong on FTA? :+1:

Can’t wait for Brock!

Forever the Ten promoter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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