Hits of 2016

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Discussion of the biggest successes in programs and scheduling for 2016.

An article in The Daily Telegraph suggest Here Come The Habibs! is a hit for Nine but after last week’s ratings drop I’m not so sure. Nine have commissioned a second season so they must think so.

Wanted has done well for Seven and maintained more of its viewers, while First Dates is a modest hit.

I guess I’m A Celeb improving on last year would be a hit for Ten and The X Files did well.

What is the standard for a ‘hit’?

IMO minimum 1,000,000. Any lower and FTA may as well wind it up now

Based on that.


If you loo at consolidated ratings, timeshifted and catch up viewing there are a lot more shows over 1 million.

Insane to predict the death of free to air television. People were saying the same about cinema and radio in the past.


The only hit on TV is MKR. other shows might do well enough for renewal, but doesn’t make them hits. In all of2015 I don’t think the was a single new show I would define as a hit.

I agree with MrJ the only hit on tv has been My Kitchen Rules. Other shows have done well enough to warrant another season.

Outside of primetime, I think Today would have to be defined as one of the hits of 2016 (so far anyway). After so many years of trailing the opposition, they’ve now catched up to and are beating Sunrise in the ratings.

While I agree, it must be said that the current influx of online streaming and On-Demand media is the biggest challenge/threat that traditional media outlets have ever had to face.

the networks look at around 800,000 viewers live

It depends what your definition of a hit is. The networks would argue if a show is successful enough to warrant another season then that is considered a hit.

Others here are saying that if a show is winning its timeslot or some cities then it’s a hit.

Well that shouldn’t be acceptable. The standards continue to drop. In 5 years time, 500,000 will be a hit.

In other words, whatever spin will sound the best.

I guess TBL in 2014 really was a hit.

possibly, but in five years time there might be even more ways and means of watching shows, and Free TV might be one of the lesser ones. Who knows?

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Not might…in five years time, there absolutely will be even more ways and means of watching shows - no doubt about it. Just look at the explosion of services we’ve seen just in the past year or so.

I agree that networks could say that. But that could mean that House Rules last year was successful and The Biggest Loser in 2014 was successful even those House Rules averaged around 600k and The Biggest Loser averaged around 300k.

I don’t think a hit should be determined by a renewal or from the network that airs it.

Another hit in 2016 which hasn’t been mentioned is the Molly mini series.


And the doco that followed, Molly: The Real Thing.

Yes Molly was a massive hit.

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Catching Milat, House of Hancock and Peter Allen were all massive in 2015 and new shows. Other new shows for the year that did well - 800 Words averaged 1.325 million and Married an First Sight almost 1.2 million. ABC The Killing Season was big for its genre and Struggle Street was a hit for SBS. Ten’s The Bachellorette also averaged 1 million.

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Seven Year Switch was a moderate hit.

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James Manning from MediaWeek, gave his thoughts to the Herald Sun, on TV’s final quarter for 2016.

He said Ch 7 will remain #1 & have had the best year (again). He said Ch 9 have had a poorer year & are desperate to improve. He said Ch 10 have again shown the best improvement.

He also said MKR & MasterChef were the standout performing TV shows this year (both ran for 4-5 nights a week during February-April & May-July respectively).


I believe seven went up a notch this year. Easily had the most hits from new shows.

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