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hit105 have some great promos at the moment for their new breakfast show for 2016, calling it ‘Made for Brisbane’ although I still think Osher, Stav & Abby would’ve been a better name. Current day time presenter Dave Matthews announced that he will be anchoring the breakfast show this year, which seems unnecessary.

Meanwhile, it appears as if SCA are getting rid of the Shazam Top 20 branding, with the Twitter account tweeting this morning “Howdy. Sorry this page has been inactive for a while, we are changing the name of the show so waiting to move you over to new handle - A”.

I wonder what their plans are this year after Ash London quit the show after only a year on air.:

Assume HIT30 will be the new name with new hosts?

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Quite possibly, with them testing out the name/format over the summer break.

Tim Lee mentioned tonight that Angus will have a new co-host from Monday. My guess is Carissa Walford who hosted The Drop last weekend with Michael Beveridge, who recently finished up with Channel V after 5 years.

On the breakfast show front, hit107’s Cat & Amos return January 11th, with hit92.9’s Heidi, Will & Woody following on the 13th. Fox’s Fifi & Dave and hit105’s Osher, Stav & Abby return on the 18th.

Did Rove & Sam go off air at all over the Christmas/New Year period, or did they return on the 4th?

Yes, they were off over the Christmas/New Year period and return on the 4th of January.

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As JBar pointed out, Rove & Sam returned for 2016 on January 4. In contrast, Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa will be back on Monday while Kyle & Jackie O return to KIIS 1065 on January 18.

If you ask me, the real test for Rove & Sam will come in the first two ratings surveys of the year. If the ratings increase, I think the network will persist with the show until at least the end of 2016. If the ratings remain stable or decrease, I would not be surprised to see some mid-year changes at 2DayFM.

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I don’t know what went on during the time the show had off over Xmas but Rove and Sam have been really enjoyable for me last week. Sam has massively improved and the show seems to running smoothly. Keep it up guys!

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That’s reassuring to hear. Are you sure you’ve not just witnessed so many 104.1 car crashes that you’ve now become desensitised to them?


I don’t now what you’re listening to but from what I heard last week, it’s basically still Rove tries to crack gags and Sam tries to respond to them.

If he was going to get someone from a reality show he should have got Heather Maltman. A totally different kettle of fish. She engages well in discussions, has some really good anecdotes and can steer the conversation in an interesting direction or start a new one well.

I think that Rove and Sam still sound awkward. They have very little to no chemistry together and it sounds like they barely know each other. It’s like they only met last October. Oh wait…

And Sam does not yet have the confidence to sit in front of a mid-dawn microphone let alone host a breakfast show. She sounds like she has only been on air for a total of nine weeks. Oh wait…

I remember last year when SCA’s Craig Bruce and Dan and Maz were interviewed about the 2DayFM breakfast show. They all stated that Dan and Maz would not be discussing last night’s television shows on their program as that was radio of yesteryear. It was old hat. It was not what the under 40s wanted. Who would have guessed that one of the stars of these television shows would be hosting the 2DayFM breakfast shift in 2016? Not in a million years.

Last year’s Dan and Maz posters have now been replaced with Rove and Sam. Same font. Same logo. Same colours. Same poses. Different names. Most people know Rove and a few know Sam’s identity. They were two people who met last spring. They should make the 2DayFM branding more prominent on the posters in case people mistake it for an eHamony or RSVP advertisement – albeit the sugar daddy app.

Yep, and Angus will have a new co-host.

Yup. They both have potential individually… But together they don’t work. In 5 years, maybe Sam could work. I actually think Rove is getting better. Overall, I think they’re probably both held back by the team around them.

One day 2DAY will realise that it’s the CONTENT that’s wrong, not the people.

You could get Wendy Harmer and Peter Moon on and they also wouldn’t rate if all they talked about was ‘call us on 13 10 60 and tell us what your favourite flavour of Shapes biscuit is’

you mean such as Gemma O’Neill, who used to produce Kyle and Jack? Yeah… she’s a nobody. Just one of the best in the business. :smiley:

Time will tell… but early signs this year have me encouraged.

I’m not saying she’s a nobody…

All I’m saying is three consecutive breakfast teams with all the same sort of content can’t be just a random coincidence.

Emma Freedman new co-host of the Hit 30 “for the time being”.

Yeah, that was interesting… Angus had been tweeting saying that a new co-host would be revealed tonight but we’ve got Emma continuing to fill in after she’s been doing that with Tim Lee over the summer?

Shazamtop20 is now now longer and has become ‘Hit 30’, as if we didn’t see that coming after they tested the waters with the name / format over the summer. The shows twitter handle is now @TheHit30.

Not that anyone really saw it, but I think the fact that the DAB+ Promotional Slideshow (for 2DayFM Sydney anyway) had been running a “Hit 30” image during Summer may have been a hint as well.

The @TheHit30 Twitter page is also advertising the show as being 6pm-10pm, the same as what it was over summer. So it looks like the Scoopla show is no more also.

Hit30 doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as well as Hot30

I saw that too, but wondered if that was just them continuing with the 6pm timeslot that the show had over summer while Scoopla was on break. The Twitter profile also mentions Emma Freedman, when she’s just the co-host for the ‘time being’.

Very poor changeover and rollout if you ask me, the Shazam website now loads to an error page, the Facebook and Instagram accounts haven’t been changed as yet and there is nothing on their website.