Here Come The Habibs!

I’m guessing we will see a second series at the end of the year with more episodes if it does well.

Based on what? Even with successful shows they tend to limit them to avoid overexposure but when they don’t (the Block) then ratings suffer. They are more likely to just make more episodes for next year.

6 eps, huh? Makes it easy to pump out DVDs if they want to, plus not a big commitment in case it tanks.

…and I think there’s only six weeks of ratings before the Easter break, so it works well from that perspective too.

I hope this isn’t as bad as The Verdict. Oh god was that bad…

Here Come the Habibs: Breaking barriers or setting race relations back decades?
The Sydney Morning Herald

I have seen the first episode and it is as bad as people think it is. Woeful embarrassing tv. Not even a guilty pleasure. Just bad. I guarantee nobody will stick around for episode 2.

ACA sent Leila to meet and interview them like they were real people last night.


Effie says: How embarrasment! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How did that work out? - third in the ratings at 7pm nationally - fourth in Melbourne :grinning:


What a letdown. Could have done so much more

Did you want ACA to expose them as a dodgy builder, dole cheat, obese, plastic surgery obsessed, ripped-off model and illegal immigrants? They didn’t want to give away all upcoming stirylines. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, well yeah why not go into the storylines? They’ve supposedly got issues with the neighbours :slightly_smiling:

We hardly got any insight into the family.

Maybe because Nine wants people to watch the show and find out for themselves? :wink:

I tried. It’s horrible. I can see it flopping.

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It was more awkward than funny IMO.

As I said in the ratings predictions thread: 750k tonight, 500k or less next week and then axed after that.

I think it’s one of those shows that will get better. Probably not enough to save it getting axed.

Like The Embassy, am I the only person who is enjoying it?

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I didn’t hate it… but I didn’t find it earth shatteringly funny either. Will see how episode 2 pans out…


I agree. I didn’t hate it. But then didn’t find it funny. A few parts made me smile, and that’s about it. But no laugh-out-moments like some other sitcoms.

Will see how the next episode goes.