Here Come The Habibs!

Here Come The Habibs!
New comedy coming to Nine in 2016. Archived Topic

Latest promos are advertising it as launching in Feb, so we should be seeing it very soon.

I am really looking forward to this. It kind of has a bit of a Rafters feel to it somehow. I think it’s going to be a hit.

:astonished: Are you from Serious? :stuck_out_tongue:

If anything, this looks like The Moodys crossed with Fat Pizza.


As I’ve said before and will say again, Here Come The Habibs has got “Channel Nine trying to generate a headline” written all over it and it’ll certainly be very interesting to see how many of Nine’s traditionally conservative, 2GB/The Daily Telegraph-worshipping audience in certain areas of Sydney react to this.

Really, if this show was to air on another network (preferably the ABC or SBS, because we all know how the two biggest commercial TV networks hate the public broadcasters having success) I could just imagine ACA running some sort of manufactured “viewer outrage” report similar to what Housos and Struggle street got!


They’ll probably still do one with a positive spin. :grinning:


I agree. Something like “The controversial new sitcom Here Come The Habibs, is it really as bad as it seems?” will probably be the sort of story ACA runs shortly before the premiere!

Im also looking forward to it

Should be great!! Hope it doesn’t disappoint

Just the fact that Nine are using the fact that they have ‘more money for local productions’ to make a comedy, and a culturally inclusive one at that is a good sign I think. Can’t wait to see what the reception is like, although there is a part of me that is slightly worried about it will rate.

Premieres Tuesday February 9 according to an on-screen banner during Twenty20 cricket tonight. Will probably clash with Wanted on Seven unless it is shown at 8pm after The Big Bang Theory.

It would make sense to give it a prime slot after The Big Bang Theory. Hasn’t TBBT been screening in a later slot though?

Not far wrong - it was co-written by Rob Shehadie and Tahir Bilgic - from Pizza.

I’m willing to give this a go.

###Meet Australia’s Newest Millionaires

Premieres Tuesday 9 February at 8.30pm

Here Come the Habibs will premiere on Tuesday 9 February at 8.30pm on Channel Nine.

They’ve just won the lottery, now Lebanese-Australian family the Habibs are moving from the ’burbs into Australia’s richest suburb and living the Aussie dream. But to their new neighbours, the old-money O’Neills, this means war!

O’Neill matriarch and Bonza Biscuit heiress Olivia (Helen Dallimore) is convinced the Habibs have made their fortune through illegal means. Habib patriarch Fou Fou (Michael Denkha) – a carport builder – only wants what’s best for his family but soon finds himself locking horns with Olivia. Before long their spouses and children are caught in the crossfire of a feud that only one family can survive.

Meanwhile, Fou Fou’s wife Mariam (Camilla Ah Kin) is intent on becoming part of her glamorous and wealthy new community. Mariam tries to create peace and strikes up an unlikely friendship with Olivia’s henpecked husband Jack (Darren Gilshenan).

The children are soon acquainted too. Elias Habib (Tyler De Nawi) – straight-laced university student – has his heart set on next door neighbour and “it” girl Madison O’Neill (Georgia Flood). Layla Habib (Kat Hoyos) – social media-obsessed high school student – exploits her new life hoping to become a social media starlet. And eldest brother Toufic Habib (Sam Alhaje) is a wannabe entrepreneur.

The Habibs’ great Aussie dream is to make a better life for their family. Olivia O’Neill reckons the best thing for her family will be ridding themselves of the Habibs. For both familes, it’s a case of careful what you wish for in this fish-out-of-water story which brings a fresh comic perspective to multicultural Australia. Yalla!

Here Come the Habibs was produced by Jungle for the Nine Network and created by Rob Shehadie, Tahir Bilgic and Matt Ryan-Garnsey, with the assistance of Screen Australia and Screen NSW.

I can already tell from the promos that this isn’t the type of comedy I find funny personally but good on Channel 9 for having a crack. We need more risks like this being taken by the networks.

I think this may be a hit. Certainly has the most buzz in my workplace in terms of people talking about new shows for the year

Same here.

Hopefully it can rate 2.5m/3.0m. We need these sort of shows to be huge while reality like I’m a Celeb and MKR tanks. It’s long overdue


2.5 mill? I would be gobsmacked if it even gets half of that.

I certainly am looking forward to it.


I think the show will be better and funnier than what those godawful stereotypical promos are portraying it to be.

In regards to what numbers it will get, either it will do decently without being spectacular (750k to 900k) or it will bomb completely. Not sure which way it will go but it will be interesting to see.

From the Screen Australia website. This show is 6 x 30 minute episodes.
Screen Australia

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