Hell’s Kitchen Australia

Marco Pierre White to host new Seven cooking series Hell’s Kitchen Australia

Channel Seven have announced that Marco Pierre White will front a celebrity version of Hell’s Kitchen Australia.

Pierre White will front a celebrity version of Hell’s Kitchen Australia. The reality series is currently casting for star talent and is set to begin filming in early 2017.

The acclaimed chef has been a ratings winner for Ten in the four seasons he has appeared on MasterChef with Marco Week traditionally pulling in some of the biggest viewer numbers for the series during its run.


Hell’s Kitchen…sounds familiar. Have we seen this before? Is it the American show with Gordon Ramsay?

Had a feeling it might of been him since it was the said chef had Michigan Stars. I will mostly like watch it because of Marco! Hopefully should be interesting! :slight_smile:

Yes that’s right.

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This sounds like just what Australian TV doesn’t need.

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I guess this replaces Just Desserts.

Looking forward to it. Marco is my favourite celebrity chef. Hopefully his son doesnt fly off the radar while filming in Australia.

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Fills a schedule gap and poaches a big name from Masterchef. Two birds with one stone.


I’m assuming no more Marco Week on Masterchef?

Couldn’t agree more. Just awful.

Looking forward to this one. Marco is not as hot tempered as Ramsay and does not swear which is a good thing.

He may make one more appearance on the 8th season of MC (currently filming) but that will be it.

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Marco Pierre White on Seven’s menu in 2017

The revered chef will host HELL’S KITCHEN AUSTRALIA.

Seven is the hottest place to be in 2017 with news Marco Pierre White will host HELL’S KITCHEN AUSTRALIA.

The high octane reality juggernaut is one of the world’s most successful and enduring food formats. The global phenomenon is produced in 18 territories including 16 hit seasons in America and four in the UK. Now it’s coming to Australia!

The three Michelin star chef will be opening HELL’S KITCHEN AUSTRALIA with a team of celebrities yet to be announced.
The apprentice chefs will face skill based challenges under the immense pressure of delivering a complete dinner service at the exclusive HELL’S KITCHEN restaurant. It promises to be a thrilling and fiery ride as these celebrities face the toughest challenge within the hottest and toughest kitchen in the world.

Marco Pierre White said: “All chefs over time will stray slowly from the stove, very few stay close to the flame. HELL’S KITCHEN, without question, is the most natural environment for me to be myself.”

Filming will commence in the New Year. Further details will be revealed in coming months.

HELL’S KITCHEN AUSTRALIA will be produced by ITV Studios Australia for Channel Seven.


Based on the Seven media release, Celebrity cut from title of this topic.

Just as I was hoping for Seven to perhaps come up with a new format to take over from MKR soon, we get another cooking show. We’ve just been saturated with them for the last decade. Surely there is someone in the Australian television industry with some creativity or imagination?

I seriously question what repetitive nonsense like this is doing to the mental health of people in this country. No other nation has such dumbed down print, radio and television culture.


Wow, this show will be interesting!

I assume Marco Pierre White will no longer be on MasterChef (which will be disappointing)?

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Think you mean Michelin Stars.

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I’m confused, Are the celebrities the apprentice chefs or do they have some other role?

I would be mildly interested in this if the contestants were plain Aussies. I really dislike celebrity reality shows.

No Gordon Ramsay = fail.

Celebrity version = double fail.


This show doesn’t seem interesting because of no Gordon. I will only watch this show if Gordon was hosting it.

Creativity & imagination in Australian TV are a rare occurrence. The fact that we’ve been through renovation, singing, kids and now cooking reality periods being the main ‘tentpoles’ of the commercial networks schedule explains how that’s the case

Talking about the actual show, Marco Pierre White hosted a few seasons of the UK Hell’s Kitchen so he would be comfortable with the format. However, I expect the Australian version to be like the US one which emphasizes the infighting and bickering between the contestants.


I ain’t no bitch chef! :stuck_out_tongue: