HD Broadcasting


Saturday’s Townsville Bulletin half page ad would say otherwise


Nothing on the Sunshine Coast either.


Oh good. I didn’t see the Townsville Bulletin on the weekend. Glad to hear my theory is wrong!


It’s odd how they are going on about HD like it’s this new thing when most tv’s now are coming out with 4k resolution, seems we are years behind upgrading to HD… why weren’t the main channels in HD years ago ? HD has been available 18 ? years.


They were in HD but multi-channels came along.


Yeah it was odd how they decided to make the multi-channels HD though.


Because of old MPEG2 equipment and networks shit scared of losing a few MPEG2 viewers when in reality they’re losing thousands of viewers who refuse to watch SD or even all FTA.


The change to HD just happened on the Sunshine Coast.

On LCN 60 for a short period there was no location on the watermark, then there was black screen for a few seconds, then HD. There was a short period where the LCNs went a bit crazy - 73 disappeared, 74 was black screen.



Some adverts are HD

News update that just aired was upscaled


So no “HD” watermark on the HD channel?


If I remember correctly, the reason the multichannels were HD was because of 1xHD and 2xSD rule for commercial broadcasters, pre-analogue switchoff.

That and because up until a few years ago, the networks were legally required to still transmit their main channels in SD although everyone still does it anyway because they’re scared of losing viewers.

Good to know. I’m slightly surprised they didn’t do it late at night or early in the morning when barely anyone’s watching though.

Interesting to hear.

Just out of interest, do you know if the LCN name (or whatever the technical term) of 60 has changed to “7HD Sunshine Coast”?


No - also no indication in Program Guide or channel name.


That’s a bit slack. A lack of watermark addition is something I can live with, but quite disappointing to hear that they haven’t at least updated the EPG!


when prime 7 went to hd the epg went to say prime7hd but there was no prime7hd watermark and still isnt even to this day 10 or 11 months on


Did the HD change only happen on the Sunshine Coast?


Just got home.
7HD has launched in Townsville.

EPG name on 70 is “7HD Townsville”



No HD watermark add-on, or location name watermark either


Interesting that the Gold Coast place name has also disappeared from the SD channel (it was never on HD as that is a relay from Brisbane).


Currently in a hotel, so not using a tv that is terribly familiar. Did they just swap the HD and SD decoders around for 7 and 7mate? I don’t seem to have an SD simulcast anymore (not that that’s a bad thing).


Currently SD Sunshine Coast channel has just disappeared. 7HD is now present on LCN 6, 60 and 61, now labelled 7HD.