HD Broadcasting


Not if people know about HD…


I don’t like how Seven just hard switches to 7mate like this. People have series linked recordings and I imagine some have deleted the SD channels from their EPG’s as well. Why can’t Seven do a proper breakaway for the game instead of an entire 24 hours?




It could be something like this: Normal programming on both Channel 7 and 70 until AFL broadcast starts at 7pm AEST when it splits into two: AFL on Channel 70 and normal programming on 7. When the AFL finishes the simulcast resumes.


Fully agree. What a bullshit strategy to just switch the channel randomly for 24 hours


instead of doing just 24 hours - for the whole day, they should change it for a few hours or so. Then change it back when the program finished.


Exactly. Minimal impact on the schedule.


Sorry, yep, got ya. I absolutely agree.

But seriosuly, Seven would’ve thought of this straight away, surely?

So must be some technical challenge at BCM (as in can’t switch feeds across channels quickly or sometkng?) Who knows.


But they have the capacity to switch. Timing the switch to right before and right after the game can’t be that much of a technical feat for them.


Here’s a clip of the demo loop currently being shown on the new HD channel broadcasting in Sydney:

First FTA 1080p channel in Australia, as far as I know. Also using HEVC (H.265).

I would think very few people can actually receive this transmission. DVB-T2 already knocks out a large portion of receivers, HEVC knocks out even more.


The Fetch Mighty boxes are HEVC, but not DVB-T2 unfortunately.


I think the changeover was done in the wee hours to avoid viewer confusion at 7:30pm in going straight from “Home And Away” on 7 to the football on 7mate when many would be expecting to see MKR straight after H&A as advertised.


Yep, it doesn’t come up on my Fetch Mighty box.

On the topic of Fetch, mine didn’t handle the addition of the new SBS radio stations too well. After a rescan, stations in the 50 range (Southern Cross Nine) were replaced with SBS Radio.


Is anyone able to record the 7HD switch back (presumably midnight)? If not, I can at least grab some caps.

Wasn’t it poor form last year? As in mid-program there was a flash and suddenly viewers were watching a different program :confused: Should really wait until an ad break, rather than switch bang on midnight regardless

Tonight on 7mateHD movie “Gone In 60 Seconds” follows, so will be when it switches.


I’m thinking it would be too difficult and not worth it to schedule programs or time ad breaks etc just so there is a seamless changeover on the HD channel.

Particularly when it only happens once a year.


From memory, and I’m sure someone will know for sure, Seven used to use NBC Today to handle some of that kind of switch over/recovery testing stuff. They’d schedule it across all the channels in the early hours.


Interesting pick-up from my end.

My EPG is showing different end times, for the same progeam on the same feed, bizarre:

7HD: Gone In Sixty Seconds scheduled 10:30pm to 12am.

7mate: Gone In Sixty Seconds scheduled 10:30pm to 12:57am.

So looks like the switch back might be 12am?


Then what resolution to the HD channels use? Do you mean first fully native FTA 1080p channel?

Out of curiosity, which LCN is it on? And will the ABC and SBS trials run independently or will they be part of the same trial conducted by FreeTV and Broadcast Australia?


FTA HD stations use 1080i rather than 1080p.


Yep, 7HD just switched back at 12am.

Gone In 60 Seconds returned from an ad break and during the PRG, Greys Anatomy appeared instantly.