Hard Quiz

Yeah, Cornelia Francis remains as Australia’s mean game show host queen.

I’m willing to give it another go next week - like The Weekly, it might take a few episodes for them to find their rhythm.

Way better this week with some sassier contestants.

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Auditions are now open for second season, apply here

Season 2 premieres on Wednesday August 2, according to the promo at the end of tonight’s episode of The Weekly with Charlie Pickering.

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Hard Quiz - Series 2

From Wednesday 2 August at 8pm

The Weekly’s Tom Gleeson is out to find Australia’s hardest quiz champion, pitting four contestants and their nominated special subjects against each other in an entertaining, half-hour, battle of the brains.

Hard Quiz - Series 3

From Wednesday 21 February at 8:00pm


After the huge success of season 2 Hard Quiz is back in 2018 for a harder-than ever third series.

Quizzing Hard with Tom Gleeson tonight: English Premier League Football expert Mark, Winston Churchill expert Tom, Audrey Hepburn expert Evelyn and vintage Australian washing machine expert Leon. Yep, you read that right.

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That stupid kid is probably scarred haha

Tonight’s episode (4/4/18) is a repeat, probably due to it going up against the opening ceremony of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.


Think Tank being cut back to 30 mins?

Think Tank finishes Friday. The Checkout is coming to 6pm Mon-Fri.

Hard Quiz Season 3

From Wednesday 19 September at 8:00pm


Australia’s hardest quiz show, hosted by Australia’s hardest quizmaster, returns.

HardQuiz host Tom Gleeson sets the bar high as Elon Musk expert Ross, Strokes specialist Kate, A-League aficionado Kogu and human eye hotshot David compete for the Big Brass Mug.

According to TV Tonight, it is the second half of season 3. Why is the ABC splitting a season of quiz show in two like what Seven did to its dramas?

2019 Upfronts

Hard Quiz, Series 4

Hard Quiz heads into its fourth series as the biggest quiz show in Australia. Tom Gleeson will grill four self-declared experts to find out what they know about their own subjects. It’s the quiz show were the laughs matter as much as the answers, as contestants fight it out in pursuit of the Big Brass Mug. A serious quiz show. And seriously funny.

Returns in 2019

Wednesday 30 January at 8:00pm

Season 3 - Episode 22

Australia’s top quiz show returns for 2019. Tonight on #HardQuiz, Elvis superfan David goes up against Susan (the Treehouse book series), Spencer (Vespas) and Shah (the Rugby World Cup). But no matter who wins this rock’n’roll rumble, Tom Gleeson’s still the king.

Why is the ABC showing season 3 in three parts across 12 months? Has it learned nothing from Seven which split seasons of Winners & Losers and 800 Words?

There’s just a slight difference between a comedic quiz show format without carryover contestants and two serial dramas that are pretty much exclusively watched by women over 40.


They have to hurry up and get these episodes out though because they’re already getting dated… the other week Tom made mention of “treasurer” Scott Morrison.

And on a sadder note, a contestant had passed away by the time his episode went to air.


See, that would be a logical reason to suggest they shouldn’t split the season up or tape too far in advance. Drawing a link to an unrelated genre which relies on continuity on a commercial broadcaster is just silly.