Hard Quiz

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###Tom Gleeson presents Hard Quiz

Everyone is an expert on something…

Finally, that ‘thing’ you know better than everyone else could help you win a TV game show!

Do you have a specific area of interest, a topic you know inside out?

The ABC is launching a quiz show that will test the superiority of your knowledge. A quiz show that rewards your brain for being brainy!

We want specificity. But it could be about anything! You may know a lot about basketball, but that’s a bit broad. Perhaps you have an intimate knowledge of the Hockeyroos or a particular player like the legendary Nova Peris. You may be totally across World War II, but even better, you know enough about World War II aircraft you could go toe-to-toe with anyone in the country. You may be a real animal nut, but we’d love it more if you were the most educated person in the room when it comes to arthropods. Or you might just know an unusual amount about Australian stamps.

A good general knowledge wouldn’t hurt either.

Hosted by Tom Gleeson, this quiz show will be smart. It will be fun. And it will reward contestants that really know their stuff.

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Isn’t this the Einstein Factor?


I’m sure the ABC will offer BIG PRIZES…like a $10 ABC Shop voucher.


Sounds also like the BBC’s Mastermind yet ‘fun’

Sounds like Einstein Factor:

This is a the quiz show for people who know a little about lots of different things and a lot about one thing in particular.

Valid at the continually diminishing number of remaining stores! (if in fact there are any still trading)

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The show will be called Hard Quiz.

Continuing the Hard Chat theme.


Tom Gleeson presents Hard Quiz

ABC TV is pleased to announce auditions are underway for Tom Gleeson’s new show, Hard Quiz.

Host Tom Gleeson says “With the audition process, it’s been impressive watching people demonstrating a deep knowledge without resorting to Google. Actually, it’s been impressive just watching adults spending half an hour not glued to their phones.”

With Gleeson at the helm it will obviously be funny, but Tom is a smart guy and has a genuine love of knowledge and information, so contestants will be really tested. The format is Darwinian and highly competitive.

Filming commences later this month in Melbourne and will air on ABC TV later in the year.

Production Credits: A Thinkative TV production. Executive Producer: Chris Walker. Producers: Kevin Whyte, Charlie Pickering, Tom Gleeson. Series Producer: John Tabbagh.

Let’s quiz, HARD!

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At least buy us a drink first…

ABC advises 10 episodes of Hard Quiz

Hard Quiz premieres Wednesday 19 October at 8:00pm

For two years, The Weekly’s Tom Gleeson has been putting hard questions to the big names in his regular segment, Hard Chat. Now he puts Australia’s armchair experts to the test in his new show Hard Quiz.

It’s getting a good timeslot programs in 8pm timeslot on Wednesday’s normally do fairly well in the ratings.

it’s a good timeslot.

It’s good to see it being a 10-episode initial run (unlike Andrew Denton’s Randling a few years ago). If the format allows, and is successful, then it can air for longer weeks next year.

Publicity stills from episode 1

It should be called Lame Quiz. A few laughs, but really nothing much there and all rather lame.

I was worried there would be nothing on tonight that would tickle my funny bone now that Gogglebox had finished. I thought Hard Quiz was quite good.

Poor Miles… where have we seen him before?

Or Mean Quiz.

I didn’t really feel like the concept translated well from famous people to average people.

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