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About an hour away from the Gold Coast and close Byron Bay. Very cute place.


This week Tom’s special subject was morning television. “The TV shows with more hosts crammed into them than a Logies bathroom stall”.

Gone and well and truly forgotten


Had the question been asked on a special “Media Enthusiasts” edition of Hard Quiz, no doubt all four contestants would’ve got that one right! :wink:


I would have guessed Wake Up! :joy:

Outraged that Fredd Bear didn’t get a mention :stuck_out_tongue:

YouTube: Emily McCarthy


Hard Quiz: Battle of the Duds

Wednesday 1 December at 8pm

It’s the Battle of the Duds! Fan favourites Miles, Nick, Lisa and Ash get one more crack at taking home Tom Gleeson’s Big Brass Mug with their special topics: Mazda MX-5, Sir Donald Bradman, Kate Ceberano, and the clarinet.

Hard Quiz: Has Beens

Wednesday 22 December 8.00pm

Tom quizzes four people he believes have left their best days behind them. Tim Rogers, Rhonda Burchmore, Tony Armstrong and Ann-Maree Biggar in Battle of The Has Beens.

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The real announcement is that Tom will bring the show on a national tour next year.

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Hard Quiz Series 7

From Wednesday 2 February 8.00pm

Tom Gleeson returns with his Big Brass Mug to test the mettle of average Aussies with eccentric interests. This week it’s the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, Project Mercury space program, Lawrence of Arabia and ’60s comedy Get Smart!

Get ready to set your brains to ‘Hard’, because Australia’s favourite quiz show is coming back for 2022!

Multi-award-winning master of smart-arsery, Tom Gleeson returns with another eclectic collection of so-called experts, who are all fired up to put their passions and their egos on the line for a crack at taking home the coveted Big Brass Mug.

The subjects are wider, weirder, and wilder than ever before, with wannabe Hard Quiz winners matching wits with Tom Gleeson and giving as good as they get.

Plus, this year sees the return of not one, not two but three festivals of failure, ‘Battle of the Duds’! So strap yourselves in Australia, it’s time to play – HARD!

In the first episode: Tim who knows the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, Project Mercury space program aficionado Anthony, Lawrence of Arabia expert Craig, and Leanne who is into sixties comedy Get Smart.

Production credit: A Thinkative TV production. Producers: Kevin Whyte, Charlie Pickering, Tom Gleeson. Co- Executive Producer John Tabbagh. Executive Producer Chris Walker. ABC Executive Producer Tarni James.

Just watched Battle of the Has Beens which was an extended length episode. Outrageously funny.

There were so many successful steals in the first round.

Tim Rogers of You Am I beat Rhonda Burchmore in the final round to win the brass mug.


I watched it tonight too, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Am glad that it was an extended episode too. It was good watching the Has Beens laugh at themselves


Upcoming in Season 7

Ep 1: Wednesday February 02 8:00pm
This week it’s the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, Project Mercury space program, Lawrence of Arabia and ’60s comedy Get Smart!

Ep 2 Wednesday February 09 8:00pm
Tom Gleeson faces down another bunch of boffins battling for the Big Brass Mug. Will it be Phil Collins fan Elise, High School Musical fanatic Eli, or Matt who is an expert on famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright? Or perhaps Hew will add the Big Brass Mug to his collection of Telecom Phonecards? And will any of them know anything about Tom’s Round? Because this week Tom has really been getting into Mums!

Ep 3 Wednesday February 16 8:00pm
Tom Gleeson has hard questions on tricky topics for hard quizzers like Nicola with her expertise in revolutionary Leon Trotsky; Josh, a fan of film franchise The Fast and the Furious; Jules who likes the fun fruit bananas; and Jarrod who can’t look directly at his topic, the sun. Will any of them dare to stare into the Big Brass Mug?

Hard Quiz: Battle of the Duds

Wednesday 16 March 8pm

Tom Gleeson offers a second chance at the Big Brass Mug to fans of rock band Goo Goo Dolls, cricketer Virat Kohli, online game World of Warcraft and classic film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in a Battle of the Duds!

It was a good episode tonight. The first segment was quite entertaining. Lano and Woodley made a special appearance on the show tonight.

Great to see studio audience back too.

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Hard Quiz: Battle of the Duds

Wednesday 4 May 8:00 PM

Tom Gleeson faces four people foolish enough to have a second try at the Big Brass Mug with their expert subjects of diamonds, social psychology, Novak Djokovic, and the Australian Dung Beetle Project.


Another one?

After the Battle of the Duds on May 4, Hard Quiz will take a break to make way for the 2-part Gruen Nation federal election special.

The dud-special aired tonight. It was a good episode, like usual. Tom’s Round was The Logies.

As mentioned above, the show will have a two-week break to make way for Gruen Election Specials.

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