Greys Anatomy

Absolutely fantastic news.

It’s really 3 full seasons for us to look forward to as Season 15 begins on Tuesday.

Grey’s should have been cancelled years ago. It has totally lost its mojo.

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I’d disagree. I still find a lot to enjoy in the show.

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I think after some dips in seasons 7-10/11 it’s since found its mojo. I’d say found it again but it’s a completely different one in a way. Love it.

Wow! That’s a real shame.

Only three OGs left now. The show should end after Ellen Pompeo’s current contract expires

Only? 3 is really impressive for a 15 year show.

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I am hearing the new season starts 27/2 at 8:30 on 7flix, can anyone confirm?

It’s not in the guide.

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It is marked by Seven as “Coming Soon” but with no scheduled date.

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Thursday week on 7flix from 8:30pm in a double episode, according to TV guides.

Thursday 19 March - Series 16 return

Grey’s Anatomy’s crossover with spin-off Station 19 premieres in the US next Thursday (November 12). It’s going to be problematic for Seven as it only holds the rights to GA.

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Bad news for GA fans with the remainder of the series to air exclusively on Star through Disney+.

Seven obviously have little interest, not sure how it is still going after all these years. Disney trying to use it as a hook for their Star launch.

Actually good news. No ads.


Also that means Black-Ish Season 5 is now a Star+ Exclusive as like Greys, Seven has no Interest to show the Sitcom or any other Sitcoms from ABC Studios and 20th Television besides Modern Family Repeats.

You know that for a fact or is this you guessing again?

It’s True, I’ve checked that.

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