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I have just caught up to the most recent episode of Greys. I hadn’t watched any episodes after about season 4. The show definitely had its moments where it wasn’t as good but it picked up. I thought when Katherine Heigl left the shows writing department struggle a little. It improved after the plane crash. I am really enjoying the more recent series. I just cannot believe how many people have died in Meredith’s life time. I would be a wreck if I was her.

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Remind me never to visit the most disaster-prone city in the world - Seattle or go anywhere near Seattle Grey Hospital where gunmen roam the corridors, bombs go off near the wards, ambulances crash … Just waiting for Mt Rainier to erupt :slightly_smiling:

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Oh I thought we had a 7Flix airdate. I thought they were going to fast track it.

When will the New Season Anyway, it’s got caught up in The Good Doctor Fever.

Greys Anatomy promo aired for Ch 7 “after The Good Doctor”.

New season starts next Tuesday January 30 at 10pm.

I bet you any money it won’t start at 10pm. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Four months after premiering in the US, 10pm timeslot and a double episode. Seven are on a real winner there. It should have returned to 7flix at 830pm.
Three episodes of The Good Doctor have already screened in the US it will be interesting to see if Seven screen two episodes a week to catch up with the US like they did with the first half of season one.

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We already know they are. It screens Monday and Tuesday.

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Do people not check the guides before posting? Would move the conversations along quicker if they did!

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Sincere apologies for dragging the thread on so much, David.
Reading that one sentence must have been exhausting for you :roll_eyes:
Don’t watch 7 so don’t read their guide. I prefer to watch US shows straight from the US, rather than 4 months later.

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Yes how dare you make this post go from 10 to 11 posts.

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You only had to read comments on this forum to know that anyway. So why whinge in the first place?

Whinging? Lol. Merely commenting.
PS Good to see you managed to post a reply without an emoticon.

A remarkable achievement.

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An Episode that aired in the US days ago had Jo (Played by Camilla Luddington) helped out a Black Woman Those Husband beat Her, she had the same experience about her ex beat her up and a Lesson to all Male Partners about Violence Against Women. It was too hard to watch what these Women were going through, If you have been beaten by your Husband/ Boyfriend/Spouse then phone 1800 RESPECT or visit

Is this the longest Seven has held onto a new season of Grey’s? Do they still have the rights?

Season 15 of Greys will air on 7flix soon, but do Seven have the Australian Rights to their Fire Station Themed Spinoff, Station 19?

The show has been renewed for 16th and 17th seasons.

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