Gogglebox Australia

If that’s the case how come families who are isolating can’t take part? They could leave the USB stick on the doorstep

Maybe they were too sick to participate.

Maybe. But why does it cost so much to make? Like when they were casting they only wanted people from major cities.

Also I still think the UK Gogglebox is done on a giant sound stage with all the rooms set up. There’s something off about it

another conspiracy theory

I saw the segment (the TLC show My Feet Are Killing Me) on 10 tonight. Yes, the old man’s foot looked ugly on the screen, but I sat through the entire segment and didn’t feel sick.

It looked terrible but it wasn’t that bad.

They just scraped the growth off in surgery. feet looked normal after the scrape. They said it was a genetic condition called a Cutaneous Horn, an excessive Keratin build up.

Emmie and Izzy Silbery feature in this week’s issue of Good Weekend magazine through SMH and The Age.

Emmie, Kerry and Izzy have jointly penned a memoir titled Out of the Box, which will be released by Simon & Schuster next Tuesday (April 26).

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That’s an interesting take…

This week the UK Goggleboxers watched Roar and the Ep with the duck. I could just imagine the Australians reaction to it :joy: or any of the Roar eps

They find really quirky and interesting shows for the UK cast to comment on. There were quite a few LOL moments in that episode. The Australian version seems to feature the same old reality crap week after week. It’s starting to feel very stale. It doesn’t help that they’ve failed to freshen up the cast.

Season 15 finale is on LifeStyle on Wednesday week (May 4) and on 10 the next night.
At nine episodes (excluding the celebrity special) it will be the shortest run since season 6 (eight episodes) in October-November 2017.

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Episode 9 is this week and episode 10 the following according to Foxtel Guide.

Was the Celeb special marked as episode 1?

I find the Australian version a real slog to watch now - the show selection really lets it down. I do wonder though whether it would be less “tame” if it was only shown on Foxtel though

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I use the episode number as noted in the advance schedule. Obviously the celebrity special was counted separately.

Hamish Blake reveals surprising amount he was paid to do Celebrity Gogglebox

Just before the show went to air, it was reported the Blakes received an eye-watering $500,000 to star in just one 45-minute episode, but speaking on Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Hamish put that rumour to rest.

“That [report] blew me away,” Hamish said. “[We were paid] $5000. Five, zero, zero zero.

“Everyone gets the same thing. There was never any discussion of money.”

Crap. Why did it take him so long to reply? I can’t see Zoe doing it for that much

Why would he lie? What does he have to gain from that?

The perception of his family/brand and not to upset the other celebs involved as they would all be on different pay

The article indicates everyone got paid the same. And Jackie O indicated she and Sophie Monk were offered spots as well for the same money.

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If they commented on every furphy that was being reported, that’s all they would do.