Gladiators (1995-96)

Someone has recently uploaded every episode of the original Gladiators series

Loved this show as a kid. Wish it lasted longer


“John, you lost. Was that your plan?”

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Remember when people used to rip on Vulcan and called him Dishlex?


Reads more like the Full Frontal parody :stuck_out_tongue:


I can see why Mike Hammond stepped in, for some reason I thought it ran longer than 3 seasons and I never knew Hammond and Whitney weren’t there the whole time either.

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Loved the show as a kid. The 2008 revival went alright too, esp with ex-NRL referee Bill Harrigan as the show’s referee and ex-Carlton AFL player Anthony Koutoufides one of the Gladiators.

I’m the same, I just assumed Whitney was always the referee and Hammond and Joseph the hosts. Maybe I just missed the first series, but it felt like it was on TV for years

Clearly master tapes that have been uploaded - hope that these don’t disappear as soon as they are noticed by a wider audience.


Oh my word - this is awesome! Been watching this for the past hour.

How on Earth did they obtain these master tapes??

The unaired pilot is there too! :heart_eyes:

Oh the memories.

My Mum used to drag my sister and I to church every Saturday night whilst Dad (athiest) stayed home and I used to get so annoyed that I always missed half of Gladiators until one night i just flat out refused to go to Church anymore - haha this was the show that made me lose my religion, never to return. LOL!

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