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Is it just me or should this be moved to the New Zealand TV thread as it relates to a partnership for a New Zealand version? Also I think that there’s an existing Getaway thread already active within this topic.

If you’d have read the link properly you wouldn’t have come up with that suggestion. Given that is not the case.

Couldn’t find one.


Always love it when a member tells a mod what to do on a topic they created :joy: very silly.


if there’s a dedicated thread available then the relevant content should be posted in said thread.

if you can find said thread please let us know


Good to see that NZ audiences will now be exposed to the Scenic Cruises infomercial program disguised as Getaway…

Right here

Except NZME is not a New Zealand TV company so it would be entirely the wrong thread.

For someone seemingly so sure in themself, you’ve got a fair bit wrong in this thread.

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but that’s not …


To be fair, @OnAir has some pretty patchy form when it comes to topics on this site :wink:


To be fair, no-one needed that Ten Sport thread anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Excuse me. I’m not the one who created this thread you are @OnAir.
Please don’t accuse me of being 'sure 'of myself when I am simply stating facts.
@TelevisionAU OK.

You haven’t posted a single fact in this thread.

Let’s review:

  1. There is no NZ version of Getaway. Content from the Australian show is being given to NZME - an online news publisher - in New Zealand to use across their platforms, like and its travel section.
  1. There’s not.
  1. We covered this is in point one.
  1. That’s the New Zealand TV thread, which would not fit the partnership that was listed as NZME does not operate a TV channel, nor is Getaway broadcast in New Zealand. As we discussed in point 1.

Ok, you did post one fact.
And I’m not sure what this has to do with anything.

You keep thinking you’re right about the above points, but you’re not.

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You said there’s already an existing Getaway topic which there wasn’t up until now. And your link takes us to NZ TV which isn’t really relevant since this is about Australian content being available on a New Zealand media group, not a NZ version or any other version.

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After first capturing the hearts of Australia on Married at First Sight, Evelyn Ellis is now on another adventure to fall in love all over again with her vibrant hometown of Sydney on Getaway, next Saturday at 5.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

It will be love at first sight for viewers as Evelyn stops off at Balls Head Reserve to showcase her favourite view of the harbour, before enjoying her cocktail of choice at Cantina OK!, which boasts the city’s best margaritas.

Evelyn’s fun-filled itinerary then takes her to the Imperial Hotel to test her luck at drag bingo and enjoy a dazzling performance by the fierce and fabulous drag queens.

Since appearing on Married at First Sight, Evelyn has invited her social media following to enjoy her travel escapes from afar, from Florida to the Bahamas, Colorado to Bali.

Evelyn said: “It’s obvious that I love to share my adventures with those around me, so having the opportunity to take Getaway viewers on a spectacular trip around the city I call home is a true privilege.

“These spots are some of my best-kept secrets and I’m thrilled that the rest of Australia will have the opportunity to add them to their travel to-do list.”

This episode of Getaway will also feature a Polynesian experience in Hawaii, the rich cuisine of Noumea, and a trip to Queensland’s picture-perfect Great Keppel Island.

Evelyn will return to Getaway for a second guest spot on Saturday, July 8.

She will return for a second guest spot on Saturday, July 8, visiting a Paint and Sip, thrift shopping around Sydney and will also go to a Korean BBQ with her new boyfriend — and another Groom from her season — Duncan James, and his sister, Renee.

2024 Upfronts

Getaway 2024

Dust off those daydreams and grab your virtual passport because Getaway is returning for another season of exploration and adventure in 2024.

As Australia’s longest running travel and lifestyle program, Getaway remains committed to upholding its legacy of igniting wanderlust, sparking curiosity, and meticulously curating travel experiences that cater to every wallet.

Whether you’re an avid globetrotter or a curious explorer, Getaway’s 33rd season extends an exclusive invitation to all Aussies.

Fasten your seatbelt and join presenters Catriona Rowntree, David Reyne, Jason Dundas, Charli Robinson and Lincoln Lewis and a lineup of other familiar faces as they crisscross continents and traverse borders, unveiling a treasury of hidden gems and savvy travel tips along the way.

Discover the beauty of our very own backyard and marvel at the wonders around the world as no travel stone is left unturned in Getaway, which is produced by the 9Network.