George Pell Convicted - Coverage Discussion


Mike Amor hosting Seven’s coverage




ABC NewsRadio breaking in and out of the County Court feed



Nine has broken away from the judge’s sentencing.


That’s a shocking editorial decision


Nine have now completely dropped the coverage advising viewers to go on-line to see the sentencing. Now running commercials. Amazing.


Channel 7 live into Perth, channel 9 still continuing with the delayed version of Today.


Pretty graphic stuff at the moment, don’t blame them.


Agreed. It is incredibly graphic.


Bad decision. According to the Fetch ratings (so only those with Fetch boxes), viewers have already started switching away from Nine since leaving the Pell coverage.


Anyone had a look at sky news on win coverage yet


Nine have switched back to coverage.


So very strange.


Not being carried by CNN, CNN International, Fox News USA, Sky News UK although I’m sure the sentence will be big news when it is announced. I’m surprised the Australian networks are sticking with it. I’ve had to stop watching. Too graphic and upsetting for me to stomach.


Abrupt end to coverage for all networks



if he ends up going to jail in ararat he will need all the protection he can get


Great coverage by all networks. Networks have become good here in recent years with breaking news special coverage.

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