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or perhaps people could not write fiction and pass it off as fact in the first place. It’s why nobody can put any trust in Wikipedia. I’ve had updates with citations undone by some overzealous moderators who deem them unworthy. I stopped bothering after that.


[citation needed]


Enjoy these ultre rare RTN8 stuff, #myfriends

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Got some more tapes from Perth, and here’s what I’ve found so far…


I believe that ‘Special Presentation’ opener is quite rare, good find there! I always wondered whether they had one of them for each day, obviously they did.

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Some more Perth TV…

Seven News Perth Closed Captioning Campaign Ad

Nine 2001 PRG:

Logies Themed Lineup:


When I looked at the Special Presentation, I thought Steve Britten does the voiceover for these.

I’d imagine Nine’s choice of voiceover used for Movie/Special Presentation Openers & Promos would’ve varied, based on the content of said Movie or Special Presentation. Ken Sparkes probably did most of them, but there were some voiced by Steve Britten as you mentioned and even Tim Elliott (possibly also John Martin, since he was still a major voice for Nine until around the mid-2000s) would’ve voiced a few.

Speaking of Nine Network voiceovers for movies, surely I can’t be the only one who remembers how Tim Burdock’s re-voiceovers for Harry Potter promos on WIN were never quite as good as the ones Tim Elliott did for Nine? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have seen some Night at the movies presentation on Nine back in 2002-05. Steve Britten, Ken Sparkes and Tim Elliot (IIRC) all did the voiceovers. Tim Elliot died in 2011 after suffering from pneumonia. Ken Sparkes was synonymous for voiceover at Nine until his death in 2016.
The [Day of the week] Night at the Movies that Channel Nine used was the best that I have seen. This type of music made me feel very relaxed.

Sunshine Television News with Nev Roberts + promos (1995)

Would have to be nearing the end of Sunshine TV’s run as The Seven Network purchased them in 95. Also about the same time Nev retired and rob Brough took over.

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Now there’s a rare find!

Seems like the set only received a minor tweak once the rebrand happened, comparing that clip to digitaldan’s upload from a January 1998 Seven Local News bulletin:



Something rare at the start #myfriends


Nice find.

There are some other gems on that channel, including this compilation of Smokey and the Bandit III exits to the break, ads, a in vision continuity announcement, closedown and Turn To-based station promo.


#myfriend, is it true that regional women TV programs are important in the past ?


#myfriend, maybe something is lost in translation here.

Are you trying to say:
Is it true that TV programs for regional women were important in the past ?

Well, we did have programs for women in regional areas in the past but I don’t know if they were important. Many of those daytime regional programs have been replaced by national daytime programs these days.

They were probably cheap, rather than important :thinking:

But they weren’t limited to regional areas, each city had their own similar shows but as you say they pretty much all made way for national shows now.

Yes, we had Good Morning Sydney hosted by Maureen Duval, from 1978 to 1989. She was also the face of David Jones department store and I can remember the store featured heavily in the show. Probably the start of all the advertorials we see on these morning shows today.

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