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ABC News Channel providing excellent coverage on this story. Especially on a Saturday night.

“not terror related” “domestic-violence related”


Busy night for Queensland Police - part of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast now in lock-down after a suspected bomb threat. One quoted witness says Police told them it was ‘connected to the incident at Brisbane Airport’. Police have since confirmed in a media conference that they investigating that the man involved in the incident at the airport - also had a vehicle parked at that carpark.

ABC News broke into The Breakfast Couch re-run at 11.45pm/12.45am to air the press conference live.

Courier Mail

Police also conducted searches on the Gold Coast in relation to the airport incident.
About 9:00pm, they placed an emergency exclusion zone around a car park in Surfers Paradise, where the bomb squad examined cars and a nearby apartment complex.
But police declared the area safe and revoked the exclusion zone at 1:40am.

Should there be a new thread for the Townsville floods… this is becoming serious.

I think all networks should be ramping up their national coverage.

Edit so I created one Townsville Floods 2019


ABC News - footballer Hakeem al-Araibi freed, returning to Australia as early as tonight



Narelda Jacobs presented a late news update on 10 about some developments surrounding this story tonight.


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New thread needed for the shooting in the Netherlands?

Not at this stage

The Federal Budget will be revealed next Tuesday (April 2) at 7.30pm AEDT. Is this the first time the Budget is delivered during the daylight savings period? Due to the 3 hour time difference, I feel there will be more extensive coverage on main news bulletins in WA, especially 10 News First (which in the past has to wait until 5.30pm local time before revealing details in the Budget).

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Interesting point, I would say it is as the later daylight savings end has only been in place since the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006. Another reason for WA to go against DLS!

May’s Brexit deal defeated. Again. For a third time. Today was meant to be Brexit Day with Britain leaving the EU this morning at 1000 AEDT (2300 GMT)

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Livestream from outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.