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I’d say that’s more a claim than a fact. Seven’s level of coverage is on par with Nine’s on international news but none have a bar on ABC.


Yea it’s my observation. Merely an opinion. Seven cater for suburbanites, the uneducated, conservatives. All things I’m not a fan of.

Back to back live reports from the cease fire at the crossing near Ashkelon.


I feel like this should really have its own thread now.


Chris Reason is now there for Seven News.


It does now: Israel-Hamas War - Coverage Discussion

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US state dinner reporting


News networks have gone to rolling coverage of the latest mass shooting with the suspect at large. 22 dead. Sky taking Fox News.

ABC News taking media briefing.


Is it just my user error or has Paramount+ removed the individual city/state news streams in favour of one live news stream from the Lewiston station?

I think the source is CBS 13 in Portland, Maine. WGME TV.


Bruce Lehrmann has been revealed as the “high-profile” man accused of raping a woman in Toowoomba two years ago.

The judicial review and non-publication order were opposed by numerous media companies, including Guardian Australia, ABC, Nine, News Corp publications and Network Ten, as well as Queensland police.


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Finally sanity prevails by revealing this. It is quite significant given other issues in his previous accusations and that he’s suing people/media for defamation. A pattern is beginning to emerge.

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Not specific to this case, and might belong better in one of the politics threads, but I actually think these laws are a step backwards for procedural fairness especially in this era of social media. Allegations like that (or any criminal allegations really) are extremely damaging regardless of whether or not guilt is proven and I believe the default should be that names are suppressed unless a court is satisfied that there is genuine public interest and a certain standard of proof is reached (the Gold Coast childcare man being an example where I’d argue naming the suspect is OK).
In this case, I’m on the fence, I believe the initial case was handled very poorly by the police and the court but with a greater pattern emerging here I do think it’s reached a point where naming him is justified.

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7 Melbourne led with a live cross to newsroom. 9 Melbourne didn’t leas with it.

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ABC took this live

Nine delayed “Just in”


ABC the only network so far reporting that the woman at the centre of the mushroom deaths has been charged with three counts of murder and FIVE further counts of attempted murder.

ABC Victoria had the shortest live cross you’ll ever see just before weather at 7:26pm.

Because they clock off at 7:01pm sharp, nothing has been reported on 7 or 9.


Nine reported it towards the end of ACA


Cassie Zervos from HSV-7 (their crime journo) all over this tonight, getting swarms of social interaction more than anything.

Nine late news 10:35pm local, Seven’s 11:20 (following a movie).

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Mentioned during the intro in the Perth bulletin that she had now been charged with 3 counts of murder, the story shown from Melb was out of date with the developments.

The tile and caption for the video shows the updated news however.