Ah, well you got me :joy:

I thought back to the rumours of when this thread was created and felt like it was Groundhog Day, lol.

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Pretty typical, a few days after launch and the thread turns to crickets.

I see in the guide that this also has The Fine Art Auction that airs late some nights on 7TWO, and there is a 30-minute overlap also, I wonder if they’re showing the same thing for those 30 minutes…


Maybe cause there’s almost nothing on it worth commenting on?


Point being, some were demanding info pre-launch, now nothing to be heard. They disappear as soon as it is found.

It is no different with those wanting boring Nine presentation in regionals areas (i.e.: sponsor boards), “because it is what the cities get”, then they will soon tire of the local industry because everything is the same and boring.

I just find it irritating rather than them being happy with the variety that they get (albeit nearly zero these days).


It would have been good for viewers and advertisers, if they had put a music video channel, similar to Channel V in the 2000s. Or even a business news channel would have been interesting, especially with what’s happening in energy prices etc. A movies channel would also have been better than a shopping channel.


Not really sure what you mean by this. People wanted to know what this ‘mystery’ channel 17 was. It was a shopping channel. Most people in here probably haven’t switched it on since. Not like people can debate the scheduling or even really care about the graphics for a shopping channel. As @Radiohead suggested, there’s not a lot to talk about.

Have no idea what you’re on about here!

There’s a reason music channels began dying out in the 2000s.
And no-one watched the last business news channel that was attempted.


It might have been better from a content point of view, but a shopping channel makes more business sense, even if hardly anyone is actually watching.

A movie channel might have worked in the early days of multichannels. In the world of modern streaming it unfortunately doesn’t have much of a place. People won’t want to wait until 9:30 on a Thursday night to watch a certain movie for example when they can watch it when it suits them on Netflix without interruption. The main and multichannels do a decent enough job to cover the casual movie viewer demand without needing a 24/7 movie channel.


We do have a 24/7 Movie Channel
“SBS World Movies”


I would argue that a movie channel makes sense if they alter the ad schedule to be less frequent during the movie with longer ad breaks before the next movie starts. And of course in HD.


I also see that the other shopping channel topics have next to no talk in them since launching also.

And don’t forget that we have a “mock schedules page” and a “your dream tv network” page to talk about new channel ideas like a new movie channel…


I know what you mean. Like regional townsfolk demanding a [insert city retail store here], then as soon as it opens they don’t shop there and it goes bust.


I’ll have to agree with you on this one, it would make more business sense to have a shopping channel. In terms of viewer choice, a movies channel would have been better, but this would cannibalise their Paramount+ streaming service.

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There’s still a place for music TV channels. The UK has 2, and there’s no reason why one couldn’t work here.

Your Money was a good channel, however they struggled to get advertisers at the time. It might be a different story now with more people wanting business news and information. If you look at ABC News ratings share, it does quite well during the day periods, so you could argue that there is demand for news and there’s a gap in the market for business/economics/finance news.

one simple answer. Youtube. there’s a reason MTV pivoted away from wall to wall music to shows. Teens (who would be the primary market for a music video channel) can go on YouTube and pull up any music video they wish at any time. no need to stay up until 10pm for the “hard and heavy show” or wait till Sunday for “the worship experience” (or whatever)


Also probably why the music channels we do have are so heavily automated, with a lack of truly local music shows.

Well here we are! :wink:


Gecko is now available to stream on 10 play, don’t all crash the site at once to check it out.


Finally, I am now able to watch infomercials everywhere I go. :stuck_out_tongue:


And it’s 24/7 I no longer have to stay up until 2 am to watch them.


god. that’s depressing how long did it actually last?? :thinking: