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I suspect that this is going to be the UK’s answer to Sky News Australia - Will be very interesting to see how this plays out in the coming months.


Why would the UK be answering to Sky News Australia?

Answers probably the wrong word, but from what I have read it is very much going to be full of opinion shows like what is seen on Sky Australia.

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Pretty much another Fox News / Sky News (Australia) news service to cater for the far right wing UK audience.

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UK needs this.

2 boring identical dry as paint rolling news channels in a country with 60 million
France has 4 - same population

Sky and BBC are unwatchable - and the low ratings reflect that.

Adjusted for population and platform distribution, Sky AU gets 5x the audience Sky UK gets.


:roll_eyes: Yeah, the world needs more fake news sources.


The guy they’ve signed for 8pm weeknights is probably the most respected broadcaster in the UK: Andrew Niel from BBC.

So let’s hope it’s only like US networks in the loud approach. and not so right leaning

as well as hosting primetime andrew niel i think is also going to be on the board or senior editor of the like. He’s a veteran BBC commentator and has said GB News will be appointment driven host driven news like msnbc on the left and Fox on the right. He has said it will be as impartial as BBC (ahem) and rejects claims it will be right wing.

Let’s see…

The loudest voices aren’t necessarily helpful at the moment, especially during the fake news era, I’m hopeful as OFCOM has balls unlike here and the US.

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The UK is a disaster right now.

Brexit and COVID have been unmitigated financial and Heath disasters. With more to come. And sky and BBC do zilch to hold the government responsible or ask the tough questions.

New loud voices are indeed needed


You can hope but they are saying that they are specifically making it a right leaning news service and are have hired people who are right leaning to run it.

I dont mind if they lean right. as long as they dont lean into lunacy like Fox

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This may ultimately fail for the same reason that Sky/BBC have moved to safer ground - Brits complain about almost everything and the regulator has significant teeth. Its a move driven by self-preservation, especially post Brexit where most of their coverage attracted complaints from either side of the argument.

Frankly we dont need more American style, personality-led news services.


GB News founders and Andrew Niel have never said the channel will lean to the right like Fox News or Sky NEWS AU

They said it would not be a rolling news channel. That it would offer appointment viewing with personality driven hosts and equally referenced msnbc and Fox

Andrew Niel (host and moras member of GB) who is ex BBC said it no explicit terms that the channel would be crazy right wing stuff like Fox

The ring wing US/Fox thing has been largely created in the Twitter verse abs by UK press. GB has said nothing yet about being right leaning

What is news? Is it opinions or is it things that have verifiably happened?

Will be in the vein of BFM TV France, Sky AU, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. That is debate analysis and plenty of opinion on the news.

Sky and BBC already offer rolling news.

It’s been explicitly said it will not be a rolling news channel like BBC or Sky UK. It will be personality driven.

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I’m not going to judge and I live in the UK And I watch both bbc and Sky News heavily but it will be great to see a new rival news service on the market.

We will wait and see how it goes when it launches.

The Guardian seem to be the genesis of GB News being “right-leaning” - Neil’s language in talking about the channel has been measured, but its worth noting that he also the chair of The Spectator (which is considered to be right leaning)

On the other hand, one of the co-founders has shown he’s probably more right then left -

I suspect we’ll see something (at least initially) that swings from left to right-leaning but perhaps not as far as a Fox News or Sky News Australia, to satisfy Ofcom’s impartiality requirements

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Imagine if a news/opinion have both extreme left wing and extreme right wing shows together :scream:

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