They also made an accompanying tweet on X (Twitter) at about the same time, with it now having 1.5m likes and 166m views, the most liked gaming tweet of all time.

That said, bring on December.

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the next GTA trailer will be out Tuesday night AU time (1AM AEDT, 10AM AWST)



12:00 am on the 6th here in QLD (AEST), probably going to stay up till then to see it.

Might actually pick up a PS5 just to play it at launch (still on PS4 right now).

Also, a live countdown to the trailer is being hosted on YouTube (courtesy of IGN):

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So the trailer was leaked and rockstar released it early.

GTA VI releases 2025


We’ve waited 10 years for this moment. Game looks amazing, cannot wait for 2025.


One of Australia’s largest independent video game developers, League of Geeks, has made half its studio redundant and “indefinitely paused” production on spaceship adventure simulation Jumplight Odyssey.

Thirty-one staff and contractors working on Jumplight Odyssey, including members of the operations and publishing unit, were laid off.

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Epic Games is running on a high lately, with this win and the resurgence of Fortnite player numbers.

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Not to mention the addition of Lego live service experience to Fortnite.

The Android & iOS ports of the controversial GTA Trilogy remaster are currently available to download on Netflix (and have been since the 15th):

It took him about 38 minutes to reach the kill screen.

It was previously thought the game would only go up to level 29, but Mr Gibson reached level 157.


I watched that video a few days ago and quite interesting even though i have no interest in tetris whatsoever.

my own question when watching was ‘will nintendo release a patch for the colours with all the developments in the game’s meta?’

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Slick Willie (1)

Slick Willie (2)

When I was young, I played a game called Slick Willie (all images above - supplied).

In fact, Slick Willie (a homage to Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States) is an action game played on Apple Macintosh computers with the mouse. Below is a short description.

You are Slick Willie. You like cheeseburgers. You really like fries, extra campaign cash and, dare I say it in this ‘enlightened’ age: babes. You don’t like Republican elephants, newspaper headlines, the press, rumours of marijuana use, Bob Dole etc… What’s more important: They don’t like you. They want to stop you from eating all of those cheeseburgers!

I have come up with an idea for a Slick Willie style game which draws inspiration from my childhood experiences, although the mock game idea may be considered off-topic. Below is a full description.

Slim Tony

In the pantheon of quirky yet captivating action games, few have managed to carve a niche quite like Slim Tony, an innovative title that has players navigating the plush world of fruit and playful characters. Picture this: Slim Tony, the fun loving Australian counterpart to the beloved Slick Willie, is set to charm gamers with a blend of nostalgia, humour and a dash of competitiveness.

Meet Slim Tony

Our protagonist, Anthony (fondly known as Slim Tony), comes straight from the vibrant world of Australian children’s entertainment, reminiscent of the cheerful spirit of The Wiggles. For those who remember singing along to “Fruit Salad (Yummy Yummy!)”, Anthony’s character is sure to evoke a sense of whimsy and joy. Slim Tony is a passionate lover of fruits; apples are his favourites, though no fruit is safe from his enthusiastic grasp - especially oranges and delicious fruit salads. His heart even flutters for Dorothy the Dinosaur, adding a touch of nostalgia for fans of Australian pop culture.

However, not everyone shares Slim Tony’s delight for play and pleasure. He faces a line-up of well known Australians (including celebrities, politicians and sports icons like Tony Abbott, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Julia Gillard, Grant Hackett, Bob Hawke, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Andrew Johns, Wally Lewis, Kylie Minogue, Ricky Ponting, Margot Robbie, Kevin Rudd, Ian Thorpe, Malcolm Turnbull and Shane Warne), who conspire against him. Their mission? To thwart Slim Tony’s quest to indulge in his beloved apples!


The gameplay of Slim Tony revolves around agility, strategy and a little luck. Utilising a mouse, you must manoeuvre Slim Tony across various colourful screens packed with apples while dodging enemies who aim to stop him in his tracks. The goal is straightforward: collect all the apples before your time runs out.

Game controls

  • Mouse movement: Navigate Slim Tony to collect apples while avoiding enemies.
  • Collection mechanism: Click on the apples to collect them, speeding up the scoreboard.

Enemies and challenges
The twist in Slim Tony’s adventure lies in the formidable enemies populated across the game levels. Getting hit by one of these characters will result in a freeze effect, immobilising Anthony for a staggering 50 ticks of the bonus clock. It’s imperative to stay vigilant and strategically manoeuvre to evade these enemies.

Bonus rounds
Every fourth level, the stakes rise with bonus rounds! In these exhilarating rounds you get to bask in the absence of enemies, focusing instead on collecting as many bonus items as possible - think juicy oranges, refreshing fruit salad and even Dorothy herself! Clearing all bonus items nets the player a sweet additional score of 500 points - adding an exhilarating layer of excitement reminiscent of the classic Australian cheer, “Oh Jesaulenko, you beauty!”


The scoring in Slim Tony is a delightful blend that rewards players for both speed and efficiency:

  • Apples: 10 points each
  • Bonus items: 50 points during normal rounds, 10 points during bonus rounds
  • Full clear bonus: Clearing all bonus items in a bonus round nets you an additional 500 points!


Slim Tony perfectly encapsulates the spirit of an idyllic gaming experience, combining an engaging protagonist with a touch of humour from the Australian cultural landscape. As you race against the clock to collect apples while outsmarting a cast of well known enemies, you are reminded of both nostalgia and the thrill of competition. With its easy-to-learn mechanics and rewarding gameplay Slim Tony stands as a delightful homage to classic gaming from down under, destined to elicit smiles and laughter from gamers of all ages. Get ready to click, dodge and devour as you join Slim Tony on an unforgettable fruit filled adventure!

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