Noticed this was called Movies, Games and Music without a game topic.

Currently loving Forza Horizon 3; beautiful graphics and great game design and I love the difference between the previous two games in the series!

What’s everyone else’s go to game ATM?


Not really a game, but more of an ‘accessory’, I demoed the PlayStation VR at the EB Games Expo and falled in love. Anyone else tried a form of VR before?

Enjoying CS:GO at the moment.

I’m not really a gamer as such. I usually play something simple like “Word Search” when I’m looking for something to fill in 20 mins or so.

I do like car racing games, haven’t played one for a long time though.
I like watching clips of my old favourite games from my childhood on You Tube.
My favourite was “Test Drive” on the Commodore Amiga.
Here’s a clip of that

Even to this today, the music in particular brings a smile to my face :smiley:


Yeah it’s actually pretty cool, I’ve seen a lot of game play and it looks way more realistic than I first thought!

cyka blyat idi nahui etc.


Finished Rise of the Tomb Raider recently. Onto Forza Horizon 3 now.

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Never heard of it


Is Tomb Raider as good as the first game (2013)?

It’s actually the first Tomb Raider I’ve played! But I really enjoyed it. I picked up the 2013 game recently on a Microsoft sale so I’ll give that a go sometime soon.

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Now that the Nintendo Switch has been announced by Nintendo, what does everyone think of it?

I’m a bit skeptical about the fact that it has battery life ranging from 2.5 to 6 hours but I appreciate that it uses USB Type C.
Can’t wait for Mario kart 8 deluxe as well!

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I’ve been following the Nintendo Switch Presentations all weekend, and I really do like the look of the console. It has the same uniqueness of the NES. I really love all the play configurations and the portability with the new “Joy-Cons”. I did feel that the Switch was rushed because of the lack of launch titles. Remember, the switch was created because the Wii U was a fail with consumers. They really should of shown more of the specs. Now for the price, I think it’s reasonable $470 comparing with the Xbox Ones launch price of $600 and PS4s $550. But for mass adoption, it should of been priced at around $350-$400.

But as I said, I really love the look of the console. To get gamers in, they really need to bring in big Triple A games, like Watch Dogs, GTA etc. But I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

As for me buying it, I am willing to pay, but only untill more titles are revealed for launch. Oh and I’m look forward to the new Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda.

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Yeah I’m not a fan of the high price and I’ll be waiting for more titles and reviews before I decide to make the purchase.

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Talking about new devices, does anyone have a VR headset? What’s your experience?

I recently bought the PlayStation VR and quite enjoy it.

I put down a preorder after the reveal trailer last year. Will probably cancel it now and pick one up later in the year once Odyssey or Splatoon2 is released.

That price tho


Once you factor in exchange rates and GST (US retail price doesn’t include regional GST), you’re paying about $30 extra for the Switch, which isn’t too bad.

I’m unimpressed with the subscription requirement for online though.

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I was thinking about getting one on launch but not after that presentation, the console itself is fine but the focus on the gimmicky 1,2 Switch and Arms and the lack of launch titles put me off for now.
Plus I still have a big backlog of games on Xbox to play: Assassins Creed Syndicate, FarCry Primal, Watch Dogs 1&2, Dishonored 1&2 plus I still regularly play Halo 5 a lot and all the Games with Gold stuff I haven’t touched yet.

I used one at ACMI when I was there for my ‘news presenting’ session with my school and found it was nothing special, that was the Oculas Rift tho with just a VR video of a theater.

As to what I’ve been playing and GTA V is good modded with LSPD:FR.

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So, did one of Fergo’s ‘Hand Maidens’ read that LSPD:FR bit and then decided to report on it and kick a storm.

I really wonder.

Australia will be a civ in Civilisation 6.


Crickey mate!

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