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The Adelaide one interests me as they have additional restrictions in SA - does this mean they may have also breached SA law?

Oh how I wish that was true :joy:

Only when it suits them…:roll_eyes:

In-play betting rules found not to apply to Brownlow

An ACMA investigation found Sportsbet was not contravening the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (the IGA) when it offered a live betting market during the Brownlow Medal count.

The investigation considered whether Sportsbet had breached the prohibition on online-in-play betting. In-play betting is where bets are accepted on a sporting event after it has commenced, or on a contingency that may or may not happen in the course of a sporting event.

The Brownlow Medal is awarded to the best and fairest player in the AFL season and is determined by the votes awarded by umpires at the end of each match based on the individual performance of players.

In its investigation the ACMA found that while the Brownlow medal count relates to the performance of players in sporting events, the televised presentation is not a sporting event itself, nor is the outcome of the count a contingency that happens in the course of a sporting event. Therefore, providing a betting market on the outcome is not an in-play betting service under the IGA.

The ACMA also looked at betting markets on the Norm Smith Medal (AFL) and Clive Churchill Medal (NRL). As with the Brownlow Medal count, the ACMA did not consider the betting markets on the outcome of these awards to be in-play betting services under the IGA.

The ACMA’s investigation and finding is not related to any Victorian police investigation into the Brownlow medal count.

I presume someone complained to warrant the investigation? lol.

The email came from the BetNation brand and was part of its “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” campaign, which told the 7,713 people emailed that it would accept bets of up to $1,000 on an horse in the Melbourne Cup.

However, that list included 772 people who had asked to be banned from betting advertising either via the Northern Territory Racing Commission or directly by the company among the group contacted.

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Anyone know where I can place a bet on this? :wink:

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Well at least he’s got one position right in his life…

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The Guardian’s global policy to reject gambling advertising will apply to all online, audio, video and print ads, and all forms of gambling other than lotteries.

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I noticed that a Sportsbet update with Nathan Brown aired in a break in the middle of the quarter in the Port Adelaide v Geelong match. I didn’t think that gambling ads were allowed during live play.