I’ll be interested to see if the 4K production will make a noticeable difference to the HD coverage, given that it would most likely be a downscaled version of the 4K footage.

As I remember SD looked noticeably better when produced in HD - back when some sports events were still produced in SD.


EFTM has revealed the first week of programming for the 4K channel (all times AEDT).
Seems to me that on weekdays, Foxtel 4K will only have programs from 4pm to midnight AEDT. At other hours it will just be looped content.


No, perhaps my writing was not clear enough in the article. Outside of the programs listed, the content will be repeats of the programs listed from the previous days… No looped content, just lots of repeats.


I have it on good authority foxtel as looking at adding at least one more religious channel. given whats happened in the past i’d expect a few channels to be added at the same time (i’m still waiting on nasa tv)


They already have several, why more?

Maybe they’re being paid to take it? (like as with shopping channel programs being on free to air)


they drive subscriptions. there was apparently quite a bump when they took Hillsong - probably helped Hillsong advertised that they are on Foxtel in all the services for a good 2 months after they came on

Indeed they are. I know with one channel that has been trying to get on the dispute has been in carrage fees.


NASA streams live on YouTube and has near 4,500 videos available. So it is freely available.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is expanding their television networks around the world - Hope Channel (available free-to-air on Norfolk Island), 3ABN (available on VAST), and Amazing Discoveries, so it wouldn’t surprise me if one of those appear on Foxtel and Fetch someday.


Aren’t there several Christian TV networks available on FTA satellite?

Presuming that’s the case, I don’t know why people really interested in watching those services wouldn’t just set up a dish/receiver pointed at the relevant satellite rather than waiting for Foxtel to put it behind a paywall.


Just paying for someone else to handle that complexity is probably worth it to many - those direct feeds aren’t the simplest thing to access.

Likewise a channel on a box is a lot easier than going to a web stream - even to the point of paying Fetch/Foxtel just to give you a channel number for what is already freely available.

I’m more surprised that we don’t have more of it on FTA TV - the televangelists used to compete fairly well with infomercials for time - while now there’s very little left. I suppose that is a factor in people seeking out Foxtel for those full time channels.


Foxtel already has the coverage and their infrastructure is in a lot of homes already, whether they subscribe or not. The commercial networks in the three main capitals know of its value.


Yes. Hillsong, EWTV, GOD Tv, Hope Channel, 3ABN, Amazing discoveries and more are on Optus D2

Couple of reasons (I have a FTA Christian Setup alongside Foxsat)

1`- it’s an extra box to deal with - my wife doesn’t watch the FTA Christian as it’s another box. it was hard enough to teach her fox so to teach her another box is a PITA.

2 - Its not that well known in the christian community. I’m a Pentecostal attending Hillsong and people were shocked when i told them a $500 setup will get them Hillsong channel free.

3 - it’s a different satellite to Foxtel meaning a second dish and cable run - some landlords or body corporates will only allow one dish sdo if you already have foxsat you are SOL with this.

4 - theres also not the channel selection of Foxtel.


Yep, I have a family member who watches them all via VAST.


VAST only carries 3ABN International. You must be thinking of one of the Christian providers.


I think you’re right, sorry.


Instal-Life could be the one you are referring to. They supply satellite boxes with access to multiple free-to-air Christian channels and free streaming channels too. They don’t have any prices on their website, and asking them face-to-face and on Facebook won’t get a price out of them either - I know, I tried. You have to call. It is the only television company I have come across that refuses to give you a straight answer unless you call them.

It’s included on Fetch if you add it free, which I did. I subscribe to the team box and get the on-demand Now service included with that.

I’ve been thinking for a while that it is about time Foxtel started offering more than just the long offered Greek and Italian channels. Fetch has a range of foreign language channels available, and Indian service Spuul (what was Vision Asia) and Chinese service TVB have both been successful in Australia. Foxtel have ignored a very large niche.


Foxtel has bought the BBC adaptation of War of the Worlds at MIPCOM. The 3-part mini-series is distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.


Which is old already, and Comedy Central Aus aired it month(s) ago.


Also, Alice Mascia, who most recently was the executive vice president of products and marketing at Sky Deutschland, will join Foxtel to lead the new product and strategy group.



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