I’ve only got Foxtel for the sport and I’ve only kept it for now to see how the cricket channel goes. If there was a way to simply get the sport and cheaply I’d grab it otherwise I’d happily cancel again and go without. Especially now that I can see some of the weather channel stuff on SNOW - although that channel has been made more and more useless the last couple of years.


The Foxtel Play price changes have been introduced today for new customers. What they’ve done is combined the ‘Pop’ and ‘Lifestyle’ packages into a $25 base pack which needs to be purchased before you can add on Drama ($10), Sports ($29) and Movies ($20) packages.

However, in a bizarre move - they’ve restricted access to the ‘Kids’ and ‘Docs’ packages to people who subscribe to all of the packages outlined above (ie; you have to pay $104 a month)


This sport package lives or dies on if they can get Telstra and the AFL to okay the streaming of AFL games in addition to Fox footy news and magazine shows.


That is bizarre… maybe documentaries package isn’t that popular?


They have been streaming AFL games for a few years now. It’s just for the games that Seven produces, their broadcast replaces the Fox Footy feed (ie; you see ads between goals)


Probably to late to bother posting this but…

On Wednesday 3 October, we’ll launch our new 4K channel (444) with a 4K reel including a ‘Tune in for Bathurst 1000’ message. This will start to roll out from 430am in the morning. Please note: we need to enable the channel, so if you don’t see the channel straight away, come back later in the day as each box needs to be enabled.

From Foxtel Community


So that’s why the 4K channel has not appeared on Foxtel online TV guide yet.


I would say so. I have a feeling they are just going to play a 4k demo loop until bathurst starts. Which is disappointing. I was hoping for some actual 4k content not just a 4k demo… :cry:


Just a loop playing at present. The EPG shows regular programs after Bathurst on Sunday. Not all that impressed with the picture quality so far but will reserve judgement until I’ve seen proper programming!


You may have to check that you tv is still out putting uhd. a lot of people that set there IQ4 to just UHD have said that the new 4k channel makes the iq4 revert back to HD, it happened to me as well. the best thing to do is to set the IQ4 picture settings to auto


agree - you can tell its a higher resolution - but typical of foxtel - lower bitrate dribble so far…
you should be able to see sharpness in the background if shots - not just the foreground.


taken off my phone (couldn’t be bothered getting my DSLR out - and don’t have my 4k capture card yet




also to add - pause and rewind do not work…

disabled so not to chew up HD space due to the resolution?


They could just be disable until the channel starts showing content and not just a loop


but why?

main event has loops between events - you can pause that…

don’t know - just making it known - we shall find out @ 4:30


Don’t you mean we shall find out @9am this sunday


well can’t remember where I saw it…
but I thought I read trackside @ 4:30 today was in 4k

and the cricket tomorrow was in 4k

I know the EPG says otherwise…

meh - all good


I’ll have to check that one out ahaha. I know the cricket on sunday won’t be in 4k because the programs are already scheduled in the epg.