lol :slight_smile:

looks good - but because you can get up it close, you can see the shit bitrate on nine’s broadcast of anything :slight_smile:


hard to see - but this is my 150" from back in 2015 :slight_smile:
not bad for a $1500 investment


Noticed this on the Foxtel Now website:

Seems like Now is moving to a model similar to the residential service whereby you have a base package with a mix of channels + additional packages which you can decide to add onto that if you want


Do Foxtel not realise that increasing prices decreases their customer base.

I currently have 1x $10 pack from Foxtel Now purely because my other half likes watching a few shows in that pack, but there’s no way in hell we’d be paying $25 if that was the “entry” price


Such a good tune.


I will see how it looks, bjut I’m staying grandfathered in the old one, with the three packages I have. I see value in what I get, but not all will, but it will be interesting to see if the Foxtel now will include more channels like CNN Animal planet etc? Otherwise yes paying more for less is shit.


Apparently Foxtel ran a 4k demo some time last night in-between some time around 8 and 1030 pm. Did anyone happen to see it? Or even get any screen shots?


Is it true 7flix is the only FTA channel not currently available to Foxtel satellite (IQ) subscribers? Anyone know why?


eh, its a shit channel anyway.


yes and so many of us have asked/complained on their useless “Community” pages only to have the usual shit thrown back at us about “not available at this time” - no shit, we want to know why and when.


I have just changed from cable to satellite and on my iQ4 7flix is on channel 187! I am in Melbourne, so not sure if this applies to all states.


just owned by Seven - if you’re Prime7 area, it’s too bad


7 flix isnt avaiable on foxtel satellite for regional australia just the capital citites


Okay then, thank you. And to the other comments above as well.

To be honest, not surprised, as it took Seven another year or more to get it broadcast to regional Australia (excl. QLD where it already was) and that’s only Prime7! It’s not yet broadcast to SCTV Tas or GWN7 or any other SA or central remote market is it? Lol.


I thought Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were the only capitals that had free to air commercial channels on satellite?

Or has that changed?


Nah that’s still true, but they’re only for viewers with older set-top boxes that don’t come with a terrestrial tuner.


Not true. It’s worse. You don’t get any of the network’s HD channels.

You don’t get 7Two. Or Nine Life. Or Nine Gem. Or One.

So a lot are missing if you rely on satellite.


I thought satellite was more popular than cable (when you drive past houses all the time and look at their roofs)? But I guess people aren’t purchasing a Foxtel subscription for FTA and can switch back to their normal TV, but must be very annoying and time consuming?


That’s not entirely accurate. If you upgrade to an iQ3 or newer you can have all those channels (except 7flix on Prime which Foxtel still blocks) on your set-top box using the built-in terrestrial tuner. People who rely on the actual satellite rebroadcasts of 7, 9, Ten, 7mate, 9Go! and Eleven are using old equipment.


I have plenty of friends with iQ3 boxes and satellite delivery and there is no internal FTA tuner at all.

Only the more recent ones.