Hopefully they keep losing customers. They don’t represent value for money and are far too monopolistic.


i’m only with them as i get the platinum pack with an extra box for $115 per month


I get platinum HD for $99. Managed to get through heavy bargening.


my base rate (ie for one box) is $89 for platinum HD but i have a second iq 4 in the computer room / office



Though unsure how many people have voted so not sure if this translates to anything . I personally would rather go to Stan or Netflix/Amazon for 4k not Foxtel.


Got a letter today saying my package will be increasing by $3 a month…


Though you would need the NBN to stream 4K content reliably. I’m still waiting for it.

And having live sport in 4K is something that Stan or Netflix can’t provide.


Looks like the $3 increase is across the board. I think I might call tomorrow and suggest I will pay $0 and cancel. Value for money is getting to be a bit hard to take now


well they’ll have to pay for the cricket rights somehow


Got the letter. Asshats. Really not worth it anymore.


i have not been hit with the extra yet but when my current deal expires i expect to. we will see though. as someone out of contract with them i hold the upper hand when negotiating with them


Just wondering i got a letter from foxtel re the pay increase and it says that foxtel go would be hd from September but when I logged on it was still ad I assumed it would have been from Saturday just gone


You and me both thinking the same there. There hasn’t been any change on mine.


Thought I would share - captured from my projector - sorry was in a rush


Hows it look on the projector aye?


still no content to watch in 4k :frowning:

but 1080p looks great :slight_smile:


Is it one of those 100" ones?


yea :slight_smile:

used to have a 150" projector - but moved house, damnit :slight_smile:


more pics… from my 4k tv upstairs…
when you try access’ channel 444 it says your subscription needs an upgrade… but its part of the HD package :slight_smile:


I might have to come over one day & check it out :wink: haha.

Wouldn’t mind watching the NRL Grand Final on it