Has any one that has the IQ3.5/IQ4 done the latest up date yet? Apparently if you have done it you should be able to see the 4k channel 444. But it should be locked with a message saying you will need to upgrade your package to receive channel.

Has anyone seen anything like this yet?


Yes and I have the channel. I have that error message and the one saying that my equipment is not compatible (Foxtel wants HDCP 2.2). Very disappointing.


Sounds like you have the original IQ3


No I have the iQ4, I got the update rebranding it.


So your running it though a HD tv and not 4k?


Yeah, Foxtel is locking out anyone without a 4k TV essentially.


Just found this.

IQ4 full morning media launch


Remember for those who have 4K televisions make sure that HDMI 4K (LG calls it UHD Deep Color, Sony calls it Enhanced Mode and Samsung calls it HDMI UHD Color) is turned “On” for that HDMI input in the TV menu. This switches the HDMI input to 2.0 from legacy mode. Why it’s switched off by default is for compability with older devices.

Same with Soundbars. Yamaha has 4K mode in Advanced settings. I am quite sure ch444 is pushing 4K 50p and that’s why the bandwidth on HDMI 2.0 hardware is needed.

Got my IQ4 coming in the next few days :slight_smile:



It’s a revolution… from the biggest screens… to the little

Not really, just the biggest given 4k isn’t coming to streaming.


If you watch the whole thing he says they will be doing 4k streaming eventually. He also said that not every think had been announced and there would be more to come later in the year. So there must be another announcement in ether September or October some time. Hopefully we get a better idea then whats going on with streaming.


Evening version.


This is the logo used on Foxtel’s social media accounts now.


Patrick Delaney said on the Hot Breakfast yesterday that there are 9 more announcements about Foxtel changes this year


Do we know yet if Fox 4K will be 50p or 25i?


Foxtel already charge a $10 fee for HD channels which should be free in this day and age. What are they going to charge for the 4K channel?

I really don’t think it’s that good. Yes, the interface is greatly improved but I’ve found the responsiveness of the box to be quite a great deal worse than previous IQ models. I’d much prefer a responsive interface than a flashy one.


$444? :rofl:


It looks to me like it’s included with the Sports HD pack.


50p my guess. That’s why its so strict on having a HDMI 2.0 port on the TV.

Actually 4:4:4 is a chroma colour / luminance spec and is part of the HDMI 2.0 spec.


There is an interesting point of comparison here with Sky UK.

Sky rolled out UHD broadcasts this year, but instead of using a linear channel offer the opportunity to pre-record scheduled broadcasts through the menu and opt in to a UHD feed if one is available for a channel you are watching.

UHD content is also available on demand, and the broadcaster is moving to a technology agnostic approach (as opposed to Foxtel who are migrating cable subscribers to Satellite).

However, Sky’s UHD platform doesn’t allow viewers to paused and rewind live TV.


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