That was meant to be Sky TC not RC

Apparently A&E networks own The History Channel brand. Foxtel had exclusive rights to it in Australia, however that has now ended so Fetch might be able to pick them up.

These two channels are just the latest ones to leave Foxtel, along with the BBC channels and others.

Is it confirmed that they have left? Or are they just getting rid of the channels and making them OnDemand only? So, they still have rights to the content.

Looks like I’ll be cancelling Foxtel and moving to Kayo/Fetch which will save me lots of money. Binge is a terrible app on the TV and the live channels don’t give you the program title that’s playing.

I lodged a support ticket and they didn’t understand what I wanted to say except suggest that I “reboot my binge (sign in/out)” and “try a new browser.”


I’m seriously thinking of doing the same, now that Kayo has 4K as well.


I knew three people who still had Foxtel. One switched to Fetch earlier this year. Another bought a Hubbl last month and switched to Kayo and Binge.

The last one was keeping it because his wife was watching the daytime soapies. I assume he’ll be off it too, now that they’re moving to 10play.

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I just wish Kayo would also improve their HD stream, which is poor compared with Foxtel.


The HD stream isn’t that bad if you have a good tv my biggest thing is the lag you get with Kayo and Binge live channels (not that it matters with Binge) but for live sport it can be annoying.


6.5mbps for HD is poor no matter how good your TV is.

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Agree, lag can be quite bad… I’ve heard streaming of live sport can be up to 2 minutes behind the live play… free to air and satellite aren’t as bad.

Not sure if/how this can be improved.

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Kayo usually isn’t that bad unless there’s buffering issues and it ends up pausing momentarily (these can add up quickly and you can soon end up 1-2 minutes behind).

Using F1 as an example (they time the start of the formation lap at the top/bottom of the hour to the second so it’s a pretty good benchmark I find), satellite when I had Foxtel was 11 seconds behind ‘true’ live, on Kayo it’s normally around 32 seconds behind.

As streaming technology continues to improve and internet connections get ever faster and more robust I imagine this latency will be able to come down a bit further again. I would hope that within the next few years the normal delay from ‘true live’ for streaming might go down to 15 or 20 seconds.

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It’s not 1-2 minutes it’s about 7-30 seconds. Unless you’re

having issues but it’s still not that great that you get a 7 second delay regardless.

If you have a good tv you can enhance the quality anyway, so you want really notice it. To add you can get 4k on kayo now so there’s that.

It’s actually higher than most streaming services, but it’s still not enough considering sport is a very demanding type of video content.

Yes - it’s much lower than Stan sport and Amazon prime sport.

Yeah coz 10 play has quality drama and movies :crazy_face: not.

I’m still keeping my binge, most likely because I find it useful as a door stop.MOVED back to the Apple TV and back to my American ans Uk tv subscriptions. :joy:

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if it was just me i would have dropped foxtel and gone to kayo, binge and flash ages ago but with a wife and kids who are not tech people it could be harder.

the other reason i don’t is at the moment with foxtel i get the platiumum pack for $99 across two boxes - although with channels droppling like flies its getting harder to justify

The linear channels have left so I assume the content will be gone from any streaming as well.

Does the removal of channels while keeping the price the same count as shrinkflation?


Yes, that counts as the pay-TV version of shrinkflation, especially if there are no replacements.