I’m in the position where i have a Foxtel box which I’m debating getting rid of in six months.

If you’ve had a contract for a period, you’re unlikely to be paying the advertised prices if you negotiate hard enough.

True, the only thing I question is the picture/sound quality via the streaming apps.
Nine has since upgraded their streaming to full HD, but others haven’t got there yet.


I pay $110 for platinum across 2 boxes. My wife is also not techy so its easier for her to have a box with recordings on it

the other thing is that my HFC NBN is not fantastic. the only drop outs i have with fox are due to massive thunderstorms rather than internet issues


The only reason I keep Foxtel over Kayo is that satellite is a lot more reliable for me than internet, especially on crappy FTTN.

At least with Foxtel I can anticipate when it might drop out (i.e. during a large thunderstorm to the north).


I’ve kept it, but only because I’m on a very good deal where I’m paying very little. I shifted to iQ5 recently and IPTV delivery and it’s not brilliant - I’m hoping its a temporary thing and I’ll be back on satellite soon (more to do with where the box is rather than a technical issue with the platform), my internet is not great which doesn’t help either.

I’ve only really ever had it for sport in HD (and 4k) - anything else is a bonus (although the news channels get a workout and I used to have the music channels on more frequently until Paramount took over the channels and they dropped Max). I rarely watch something on a linear channel outside of News/Sport

One big issue with dropping Foxtel I have at the moment is that I lose access to ESPN’s streaming service (its not available to Kayo subscribers)


This seems to be the case with a lot of subscribers - but I’d expect customers will keep phasing out to use Kayo instead.

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If the IQ5 becomes basically a replacement for the Foxtel Now STB they had before - and for an IPTV self-setup, I’m pretty sure they cost the same point ($99) if you don’t get the hard disc for the IQ5 - I think that’s the way it’s going… at least, there won’t be old-school Foxtel, but there may be either a Foxtel Now type service, or yeah, even just Binge/Kayo/Flash on it. The recording is pretty much the killer app for the box, otherwise why would you bother?

It’s sorta the world they live in now; they don’t exactly have the leverage on “big content” as more ubiquitous providers do given Australia never had the critical mass of people passed by cable, where they could gatekeep to to their heart’s content.

A few years ago I would have agreed with this but now I think the fact the majority of people are streaming more now and catch up is a lot better on Foxtel and FTA then it was back then I would disagree. The only thing really need it for now is if you go out and you want to watch somthing that is’nt avalible any where else. Sure you can get around ads by doing it but you can also miss the end of a show.

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Oh for sure, I don’t disagree - but what I mean is, if you don’t need that, why would you need the IQ5 box, unless they are going to keep high-res (incl. 4K) content exclusive to that?

That is with a feeling that Foxtel and Foxtel Now as separate services aren’t going to be long for this world once boxes before the IQ4(or 3?) are retired, as they’ll basically be the same thing. Of course, things like bundling with NBN plans are still going to be a big thing, so there’d still be a point to giving those without, say, a Chromecast or Fire stick something that “just works” [notwithstanding how many early IQ3/4 box ppl would dispute that! :slight_smile: ]

I wonder how much would actually be left to replace it. There’s especially a big hole in Fox8’s content with both the Simpsons and WWE leaving (to Disney+ and a separate channel)… which makes me wonder where Fox8 is going to go more than anything.

I’m sure they’ll find enough stuff to keep Fox8 and Fox Comedy happy, but I can’t foresee a Foxtel-branded extra channel, to put it that way.

Comedy Central is still on Fetch, and its existence in this end of the world isn’t exactly in danger while there’s no Paramount+ in New Zealand (Sky take it there) - so why not? Maybe Foxtel would hypothetically work to bundle it up with their contract with Paramount for the MTV channels, given that’s relatively recent [at least, the music channel changes are] and it’s in the same division as MTV.

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Coming to Foxtel in February 2023

February 1

Lifestyle Food - Mary Berry’s Cook & Share (Season 1) 8.30pm

From Edinburgh to the Jurassic Coast, scallop diving to street food, Dame Mary Berry delights in adventure and celebrates the joy of being able to cook and share with others.

Lifestyle Food - The Easiest Cooking Show Ever! (Season 1) 9.00pm

Kim McCosker, of 4 Ingredients fame brings us the Easiest Cooking Show Ever! Set in a farmhouse where dishes are served up and have been selected as a result of direct feedback from Kim’s followers and builds on the central theme of the 4 Ingredients idea – to design easy-to-cook, affordable and nutritious dishes suitable for all the family.

Investigation Discovery - In Pursuit With John Walsh (Season 4) 9.30pm

John Walsh has a lifelong mission of tracking down fugitives from justice, finding missing children and empowering the public to help support a more effective and accountable criminal justice system.

Discovery Turbo - Kindig Customs (Season 9) 8.30pm

Dave Kindig, owner and operator of Kindig-It Design, turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding (and sometimes famous) clientele. Working on all types and periods of cars, we’ll see cars rendered, designed, built and restored from the ground up.

Animal Planet - Wildlife SOS (Season 9) 9.30pm

This long-running documentary series follows the work of Wildlife Aid, an animal rescue and rehabilitation centre based in Surrey, England. Follow a dedicated team of vets, volunteers and experts as they encounter animals in need every day.

February 2

Lifestyle - Grand Designs NZ (Season 7) 8.30pm

Grand Designs New Zealand introduces new host Tom Webster as we follow the progress of interesting and ambitious house building projects, speaking with the owners and tracking the ups and downs of the design, construction and moving in. It is the NZ version of UK series Grand Designs.

Lifestyle Home - Sarah’s Mountain Escape (Season 1) 9.30pm

Designer Sarah Richardson takes on her biggest challenge yet, purchasing a dated and drab 5,000-square-foot Bavarian-inspired B&B in Whistler, BC.

A&E - Backroad Truckers (Season 2) 8.30pm

Within a network of backroads that sprawl across Western Canada, Barriere, B.C. is ground zero for “hotshotting,” which brings about a special breed of independent truckers who will haul anything, anywhere, at any time.

Discovery - Gold Rush (Season 13) 7.30pm

Last year gold prices hit record highs, and now everyone wants a piece of the action. What the miners do this year will change the course of their lives.

TLC - Seeking Sister Wife (Season 4) 8.30pm

Five polygamous families navigate the challenges of actively searching for and courting potential new sister wives.

February 4

Fox Docos - Total Rock Review - Bad Company (1 Hour Special) 7.30pm

Critical review of rock band Bad Company on stage, on film and on record. Features highlights from tracks including ‘Can’t Get Enough’, ‘Bad Company’, ‘The Stealer’, ‘Ready For Love’ and ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’, as well as an interview with founder member Simon Kirke.

Investigation Discovery - Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed (1 Hour Special) 9.30pm

From the shocking resignation of founder Brian Houston, to a leaked report exposing a “frat-like” culture at Hillsong NYC, and a lawsuit against Hillsong Global alleging serious financial crimes, these new revelations expose darker depths to the ongoing controversy, and leave Hillsong in the middle of an existential crisis.

BBC First - Universe (Season 1) 7.30pm

Professor Brian Cox reveals epic moments of sheer drama that changed the universe forever. Every night, above our heads, a drama of epic proportions is playing out. Alien planets, zombie stars, black holes bigger than a billion suns.

BBC First - Life Below Zero: Canada (Season 2) 8.40pm

The compelling series that follows a diverse group of Canadians as they carve out an ‘off grid’ existence in the remote Canadian north returns.

Cartoon Network - The Heroic Quest Of The Valiant Prince Ivandoe (Season 2) 9.30am

Ivandoe is the young prince of the forest who is on a quest for the magical Golden Feather of the fearsome Eagle King. Ivandoe and his dedicated squire, a small bird named Bert, discover new and mysterious areas of the forest and an array of peculiar creatures along the way.

February 5

Lifestyle Food - Eat Well For Less New Zealand (Season 3) 8.30pm

Hosted by local chef Mike Van de Elzen and restaurateur Ganesh Raj, Eat Well For Less NZ is here to help New Zealanders shop, cook and eat better – and save on their household bills along the way.

WWE - NXT Vengeance Day 2023 (180 Minute Special) 12.00pm

The 2023 NXT Vengeance Day is the upcoming 11th Vengeance professional wrestling event produced by WWE.

February 6

Fox Arena - Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune (Season 3) 7.30pm

Celebrities guess hidden phrases by guessing letters one at a time and win money or prizes, as determined by a spin of the wheel, for each correct consonant they guess.

A&E - Storage Wars (Season 14B) 7.30pm

“Storage Wars” returns to bidding, buying and selling for a new season of wild auction battles in California. Iconic auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson once again lead our buyers through unit after unit filled with all kinds of surprises.

Lifestyle - Repair Shop UK (Season 6) 7.30pm

Toni Hazel has brought along a well-travelled piece of World War II history. Alan Reed hopes upholstery expert Hannah Weston Smith can restore a leather armchair. Art conservator Lucia Scalisi preserves a much loved piece of a school’s history.

Lifestyle Food - Come Dine With Me: The Professionals (Season 1) 7.30pm

Serving up an all-new spin-off, the classic cooking competition raises the stakes as independent restaurants take each other on in a bid to be crowned their area’s best eatery.

Lifestyle Home - House Hunters Renovation (Season 15 & 16) 7.30pm

Home buyers tour three for-sale homes and choose the one that is the perfect fixer-upper.

Discovery Turbo - Million Dollar Wheels (Season 1) 8.30pm

What do Jeff Bezos, Jamie Foxx and the most baller orthodontist in Beverly Hills have in common? They’re all DM’ing celebrity car dealer RD Whittington. This is a behind-the-scenes look at how he connects the ultra-rich with their million-dollar toys.

TLC - Dr. Pimple Popper (Season 4) 8.30pm

Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, is a renowned dermatologic and cosmetic surgeon who treats her patients’ various skin ailments in an effort to help them reclaim their lives.

February 7

Discovery Turbo - Diesel Brothers (Season 3) 8.30pm

Diesel Brothers follows Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the team at Dieselsellerz as they build big, bad trucks, pull elaborate pranks and push the limits with new stunts.

February 8

Fox Docos - Icons Unearthed: The Simpsons (Season 1) 7.30pm

Cast, crew, and experts will reveal never-before-heard stories about the most iconic film and television series.

Fox Docos - All That Breathes (90 Minute Special) 8.30pm

Brothers Saud and Nadeem were raised looking at a sky speckled with black kites, watching as relatives tossed meat up to these birds of prey. Now, birds are falling from the polluted, opaque skies of New Delhi and the two brothers have made it their life’s work to care for the injured black kites.

Fox Arena - Real Housewives Of New Jersey (Season 13) 1.30pm

After a tumultuous year that tested loyalties and reignited feuds, the ladies of the Garden State are learning that when it comes to planting seeds, you reap what you sow. Marriage, friendships and families have been pushed to the limit, but will 2022 be the year to finally repair what’s been broken?

February 9

Fox8 - The Flash (Season 9) 8.30pm

In the final season, Barry must one again defy impossible odds to save the day. A deadly adversary rises to challenge Barry Allen’s heroic legacy. And in their greatest battle yet, Barry and Team Flash will be pushed to their limits, in order to save Central City one last time.

Fox8 - Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Special (1 Hour Special) 10.30p

The special will feature Harley and Ivy celebrating their very first Valentine’s Day together, while also revealing how the rest of the ragtag crew spends the gushiest, mushiest, most romantic day of the year.

Fox Arena - Vanderpump Rules (Season 10) 1.30pm

Lisa Vanderpump, the ever-expanding restaurateur, opens Vanderpump à Paris in Las Vegas and relishes becoming a grandmother. With Tom and Tom venturing into the restaurant business on their own, Lisa continues to offer support and mentorship to her former and current employees, but can’t help but question if the Toms have bitten off more than they can chew.

Fox Arena - Serving The Hamptons (Season 1) 2.30pm

The Hamptons is where the rich spend their summers, and Zach Erdem’s 75 Main is their favourite restaurant. With constant drama in the staff house, broken rules and a shocking love triangle, will the sexy, young staff manage to make the summer a success?

History - Secrets Of The Lost Liners (Season 1) 7.30pm

Secrets of The Lost Liners is an in-depth marine history series charting the design, service and loss of some of the world’s greatest ocean liners. Covering 100 years, from art deco icons, luxury floating palaces, to national symbols, all tragically lost through conflict, accidents or human error.

Discovery Turbo - Texas Metal (Season 5) 8.30pm

With dozens of awards on their walls, crowds of adoring fans, and a several-months-long waitlist, this Texas team always has their hands full with rowdy customers, challenging builds and tight timelines.

February 10

History - Massive Engineering Mistakes (Season 3) 7.30pm

Humans have been building for more than 10,000 years – we’re engineering experts, and yet every year, tales emerge of construction calamities from all over the world. Massive Engineering Mistakes examines everything from the extraordinary to the ridiculous, to uncover the epic fails and near misses that engineers would rather not talk about.

February 11

Fox Docos - Live At The Enmore Theatre - The Pretenders (70 Minute Special) 9.30pm

The classic rockers The Pretenders treated Sydney’s Enmore Theatre to an evening of big hits, proving their status as music legends.

Crime + Investigation - I Met My Murderer Online (Season 1) 8.30pm

Chilling cases where online relationships turned deadly. Each episode tells the story of how an online connection led to murder.

February 12

Fox Showcase - Hotel Portofino (Season 2) 8.30pm

Hotel Portofino tells the story of the Ainsworth family that has relocated from Britain to open an upscale hotel on the Italian coastline. As elite guests like the imperious Lady Latchmere check into the hotel, matriarch Bella Ainsworth tries to keep up with their constant demands.

February 13

Investigation Discovery - Evil Lives Here: Shadows Of Death (Season 1) 8.30pm

Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death explores the endless reach of evil, a reach that extends long after the act of evil itself. This original series highlights the struggle to survive as innocent people find themselves caught in the wake of death and evil.

Nickelodeon - Kamp Koral (Season 1) 3.00pm

At Kamp Koral, the craziest sleepaway camp in the kelp forest, 10-year-old SpongeBob SquarePants and his pals spend the summer building underwater campfires, catching wild jellyfish, and swimming in Lake Yuckymuck.

Nickelodeon - Best & Bester (Season 1) 3.25pm

Twins Best and Bester have the unique ability to choose a new body every single day and, in doing so, experience life in a completely different way.

February 14

Fox8 - Romantic Getaway (Season 1) 8.30pm

Allison and Deacon are desperate for a baby, but they’ve run out of money to fund any more IVF treatment. So they decide to ‘borrow’ the £50k they need from their filthy rich boss Alfie, who they discover is illegally stealing money from the company. And it works!

Fox Arena - Summer House (Season 7) 2.30pm

This summer Kyle is refreshed and excited to send it with his friends in the Hamptons. He’s turning 40 and although age is just a number, the reality of this milestone birthday is starting to hit him. Questioning if he can support a family, Kyle wishes he were further along in his journey to financial freedom.

History - American Dynasty (Season 1) 7.30pm

Rockefeller, Ford, Vanderbilt, Dupont, Kennedy, Bush. Their names are forever etched in American history and the nation’s psyche. American Dynasty highlights the enormous power wielded by these men.

Crime & Investigation - Who Killed Billie-Jo? (Season 1) 7.30pm

Documentary examining the unsolved case of 13-year-old Billie-Jo Jenkins, who was murdered on the patio of her seaside home in 1997. Sion Jenkins, Billie-Jo’s foster dad, was initially convicted of the murder but was acquitted on appeal.

TLC - sMothered (Season 4) 8.30pm

If you thought you knew what the phrase “Like Mother, Like Daughter” meant, just wait until you meet these outrageous mother-daughter duos who take their bonds to the extreme!

February 15

History - Steam Train Journeys (Season 1) 7.30pm

The unmistakable chug of its mighty engine. The roaring whistle and smell of hot oil…There’s just something about a steam train that captures the imagination. And on Steam Train Journeys, viewers climb aboard for a captivating ride down the line with inside access to Britain’s most spectacular heritage railways—and to the 30,000 passionate souls who keep them on track.

Lifestyle Home - Good Bone: Risky Business (Season 1) 8.30pm

Mina Starsiak Hawk takes on the biggest and riskiest renovation of her career as she goes solo and transforms an 1800s Victorian home in Fountain Square into a bed and breakfast and event centre that can be a legacy for her business, her children and the community.

February 16

Discovery - Outback Opal Hunters (Season 9) 8.30pm

This season, the next generation of young miners will need to prove their mettle alongside the grizzled veterans, facing the reality of working in this harsh and unforgiving opal world. The Bushmen have new members, new machinery, and a ton of explosives to tackle the toughest mine they’ve ever faced.

MTV - Ex On The Beach (Season 6) 10.00pm

The group of cast members for this series included Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers, former The Only Way Is Essex star Nicole Bass and Love Island series 1 contestant Josh Ritchie. It also featured the return of Ross Worswick following his appearance in the first series of the show.

February 17

A&E - The Curse Of Oak Island (Season 10A) 8.30pm

The Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty, attempt to uncover the mysteries of Oak Island, Nova Scotia. Local experts help them explore the history, mythology and geography of the island.

UKTV - The Jonathan Ross Show (Season 19) 8.30pm

Chat show with Jonathan Ross. Employing his infectious wit and sense of fun, he chats to some terrific celebrity guests and asks the questions to which everyone wants to know the answers.

TLC- Trixie Motel (Season 1) 8.30pm

Drag superstar Trixie Mattel is expanding her empire. With the help of her boyfriend and co-owner David and a host of celebrity guests, she uses her retro-kitschy style to turn a rundown motel in Palm Springs, California, into the ultimate drag paradise.

TLC- Generation Drag (Season 1) 9.30pm

Teen drag performers from across the USA prepare for Dragutante, a first-of-its-kind drag ball event for teens and tweens. Amidst the glitz, glam and nerve-rattling stakes, their parents and “drag moms” guide them on the journey to the ultimate stage.

February 18

Fox Docos - Inside - Pink Floyd (Season 1) 7.30pm

This is the ultimate critical review of the music of Pink Floyd, in concert, on film and on record.

Investigation Discovery - The Freeway Killer: Lost Tape Murders (2 Hour Special) 9.30pm

In the Summer of 1979, bodies of young boys start showing up raped, mutilated and dumped along California’s freeways. Most of the victims are hitchhikers. Some are young gay men, arriving in Los Angeles to join the budding activist movements of the time. Without today’s DNA technology, investigators race tirelessly to find a suspect as the bodies pile up. Alongside them is LA street reporter Dave Lopez, who’s involvement in the case leads him to facing the dilemma of a lifetime. Four decades later, the lost confession tapes allow psychologists to analyse the mind of this sick serial killer.

Animal Planet - Pop My Pet (1 Hour Special) 7.30pm

Discover the shock and heart behind vets transforming pets with extreme cases. At Gatorland, Dr. Jackie operates on Predator the alligator. Later, Dr. Grant diagnoses a pup’s melon-sized growth, and Dr. Cody pops an oozing cyst on Archie the cow.

Animal Planet - Ultimate Aquariums (30 Minute Special) 8.30pm

Ultimate Aquariums features over-the-top, uber-expensive, one-of-a-kind aquariums for celebrities and the wealthy. From concept, to design and install, we’ll get a first-hand look into how these amazing custom aquariums are created with dramatic reveals.

February 19

Fox8 - WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 (180 Minute Special) 12.00pm

WWE Superstars enter the ring in front of a sold out crowd at the Bell Centre Montreal.

WWE - WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 (180 Minute Special) 12.00pm

WWE Superstars enter the ring in front of a sold out crowd at the Bell Centre Montreal.

Crime & Investigation - World’s Most Evil Killers (Season 7) 8.30pm

World’s Most Evil Killers delves into the gripping real-life stories of the world’s most terrifying and prolific killers. From Fred and Rose West to Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer, The Milwaukee Cannibal.

February 20

Fox8 - Last Week Tonight (Season 10) 9.00pm

Comedian, actor, and writer John Oliver returns for a brand-new tenth season of his acclaimed half-hour series LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER. A satirical, insightful, and meticulously researched look at current events in the U.S. and around the globe, the weekly series features Oliver’s hilarious, expertly honed perspective on today’s pressing political, social, and cultural issues, as well as lesser-reported topics that both inform and entertain.

Fox One - Covert Affairs (Season 1) 7.30pm

Fresh out of the farm, Annie Walker must adapt to the challenging life of a CIA operative under the guidance of her handler, Auggie. But soon she realises her recruit might have to do with her last boyfriend rather than her talent.

MTV - Jersey Shore Family Vacation (Season 6A) 10.00pm

The Jersey Shore crew comes together from across the country to have the wildest group vacation yet.

Nickelodeon - Spyders (Season 3) 6.00pm

Nikki, Daniel and Tommy travel to an RV campsite to stop a deadly earthquake launched by criminals who want to steal raw diamonds from an underground deposit inside Belleview nature reserve.

UKTV - The BAFTA Awards (2 Hour Special) 8.30pm

The British Academy Film Awards, more commonly known as the BAFTA Film Awards is an annual award show hosted by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) to honour the best British and international contributions to film.

February 21

Fox One - Magnum P.I. (Season 5) 8.30pm

Thus, the new season has the pair adjusting to a relationship while still handling their jobs as investigators. Meanwhile, Ric adjusts to now being a father and focusing on raising his child. Gordo is also no longer handling being a cop while Magnum and Higgins tangle with a new detective Chris Child.

February 22

Fox One - Escape To The Chateau (Season 8) 9.35pm

Series 8 of Escape to the Chateau follows the adventures of Dick and Angel Strawbridge as they continue to bring their magical 19th Century, 45-room chateau back to life.

Investigation Discovery - Love, Honour, Betray (Season 1) 8.30pm

Love, Honour, Betray explores shocking stories of betrayal by husbands and wives the people their partners thought they knew better than anyone. Told by the victims themselves, they include a wife who hires a hitman to kill her husband for his money, a conman who cheats his wife out of $227,000, and a husband who secretly becomes a serial bank robber.

February 23

Lifestyle Food - Cooking With The Stars (Season 1) 8.30pm

Emma Willis & Tom Allen host with eight celebrities, each paired with an accomplished chef who will mentor, teach and take them from passionate amateur to restaurant level chefs before cooking up a storm week by week in a bid to outdo their rivals.

Crime + Investigation - Deadliest Kids (Season 1) 7.30pm

When kids kill it sends shock-waves through the community. But what drives a child to commit murder? Police evidence, personal archives, and interviews with the victim’s loved ones reveal the truth behind the world’s deadliest kids.

BBC Earth - Horizon: How To Sleep Well With Michael Mosley (50 Minute Special) 8.30pm

As more people than ever report struggling with their sleep, Michael Mosley uses the latest science to explore how this impacts our health and what can be done to improve our sleep.

February 24

Fox Showcase - Rockwiz (Season 1) 7.30pm

Australia’s original music trivia show returns to our screens for a brand new season of comedy, quizzing and rock & roll.

Fox Showcase - Snowfall (Season 6) 8.30pm

It’s October 1986 in this sixth and final season, as civil war threatens to destroy the Saint family. Franklin is desperate and forced to rob his Aunt Louie and Uncle Jerome after being wiped out by former CIA officer Teddy McDonald.

A&E - Lost Gold Of The Aztecs (Season 1) 7.30pm

Lost Gold of the Aztecs follows three families determined to break the 500-year-old curse of Emperor Montezuma and find the treasure.

February 25

Fox Docos - In Performance - Aerosmith (1 Hour Special) 7.30pm

Featuring extensive archive interviews, classic live footage, this unique in-depth review of the band and its music provides a fascinating insight into what it took to make Aerosmith into rock legends.

Investigation Discovery - Who Killed Leigh Jennings? (1 Hour Special) 9.30pm

Aurora, Indiana was an idyllic town that hadn’t seen a murder in decades until 2012, when Leigh Jennings was killed in her own home. Residents are horrified when the beloved grandmother and hairstylist is found dead in her kitchen, killed with her own pepper grinder and skillet. Friends and neighbours are baffled as to who could do such a thing.

Animal Planet - My Pack Life (Season 1) 8.30pm

Lee Asher quit his 9-to-5 job and moved to Oregon to build a one-of-a-kind sanctuary for every species of animal who needs a home. Lee is determined to give every awkward llama, sneaky dog, and diva pig a new home and an adventure-packed life.

February 27

Discovery - Moonshiners: Master Distiller (Season 3) 9.30pm

Legal and outlaw distillers compete to turn raw ingredients into the best high-proof spirits. Hosted by moonshine legends Mark, Digger, Tim, and Tickle along with top guest judges, they’ll determine who has what it takes to be called Master Distiller.

MTV - Catfish: Sweet And Sour (45 Minute Special) 7.00pm

Nev and Kamie host a viewing party as they comment on all the episodes that made them soft and gooey inside.

MTV - Making Waves: Ten Years Of Catfish (45 Minute Special) 7.50pm

It’s Catfish’s tenth anniversary! In a special episode, Nev celebrates by counting down the most iconic Catfish moment of each year. Along the way, he’ll look at what’s changed since it all began - plus some fun surprises!

MTV - Ridiculousness (Season 28) 8.40pm

Host Rob Dyrek showcases the most hilarious viral videos divided into various creative categories and interacts with charismatic personalities as special guests.

Nickelodeon - That Girl Lay Lay (Season 1) 5.05pm

Needing a best friend to talk to, Sadie wishes that phone avatar Lay Lay was real and could help teach her how to stand out; when Lay Lay is magically brought to life, the two friends learn that when they are together, they can accomplish anything.

February 28

Crime & Investigation - 24 Hours In Police Custody (Season 5B) 7.30pm

More than 80 cameras follow Bedfordshire Police over a 24 hour period as they respond to emergencies, investigate crimes, arrest suspects and battle against the clock.


February 1

Ali And Ava - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 19)

ALI and AVA, both lonely for different reasons, meet and sparks fly. Over a lunar month a deep connection begins to grow, despite the legacy of AVA’s past relationship, and ALI’s emotional turmoil at the breakdown of his marriage.

The Ledge - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 3)

A climber trapped on the face of a mountain fights off four killers stood on an overhanging ledge twenty feet above her.

Maigret - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 12)

In Paris, a young girl is found dead in a Parisian square, wearing an evening dress. Commissioner Maigret will try to identify her and then understand what happened to the victim. (Subtitles)

Onoda: 10,000 Nights In The Jungle - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 1)

When Japan surrenders at the end of World War II, soldier Hiroo Onoda retreats into the jungles of the Philippines to continue the war himself for another 10,000 days. (Subtitles)

Suitcase Killer: The Melanie McGuire Story - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 4)

A dramatisation of the romance and marriage of the McGuires, the 2004 murder of Bill, the investigation, and the subsequent trial of Melanie, who dismembered and disposed of her husband’s body in suitcases.

The Podcast Murders - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 12)

A true crime podcast host tries to keep a low profile despite achieving massive success for her investigation of a serial killer. However, it soon becomes clear that her anonymity isn’t the only thing being threatened.

Danger In The House - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 16)

As his mother’s illness progresses, a wealthy young man hires a perfect caregiver. But their lives start to spiral into a deadly affair as the caregiver seemingly tries to make herself a permanent facet of the wealthy family.

My Nightmare Office Affair - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 28)

When Nick tries to break things off with Lisa, he finds himself in a dangerous game that threatens his job, his family and his life.

Dating Hell - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 21)

Hannah is a divorced mom who finds a seemingly wonderful man, Daniel, on a popular dating app. However, when people turn up dead and she becomes the next target, Hannah starts to suspect Daniel is the culprit.

Husband, Wife And Their Lover - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 7)

When an Ad Exec’s husband suggests a third in their bed to spice up the marriage, she invites her female trainer, who turns out to be bent on revenge.

Love & Basketball - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 24)

Monica and Quincy love and play basketball together through many life challenges from childhood to adulthood.

February 5

The Black Phone - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 18)

After being abducted by a child killer and locked in a soundproof basement, a 13-year-old boy starts receiving calls on a disconnected phone from the killer’s previous victims.

February 13

I Am Here - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 15)

Ella is not your average 98-year-old. Her magnetic personality makes her past even more surprising. Follow this spirited South African Holocaust survivor as she reveals her astonishing life journey and unwavering appreciation of life.

February 19

True Things - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 22)

Bored by the daily tedium of her office job, Kate is sleepwalking through life when a chance sexual encounter with a charismatic stranger awakens her. High on infatuation and the exhilaration of this new relationship, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to this mysterious new man.

February 25

The Conference - Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, February 26)

Bored by the daily tedium of her office job, Kate is sleepwalking through life when a chance sexual encounter with a

Disclaimer: Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, all programming is subject to late change. Foxtel may vary channel content or transmission times. Foxtel is not liable for any loss or disappointment any viewer may suffer as a result. All times listed in AEST.

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Something’s wrong with the Foxtel EPG on MyFoxtel, and it is also on the website. It’s also happening on my friend’s MyFoxtel app.

According to this screenshot, The Misery Index is on FOX8 at 6:30 PM this Sunday.

But not according to this list.

Sounds like a late change - Young Rock is usually “express’d” and would be in that slot, but it’s been bumped on NBC for sport along with the rest of their primetime on their Friday night (national figure skating champs apparently!) so no ep this week.

Misery Index would normally be in the 3.30 slot as it says, looks like it’s been slotted in to fit. If you click on that old entry for Young Rock, it’ll tell you the listing’s been deleted.

Obviously one part of the TV guide is not talking to the other - or the search doesn’t re-crawl things after it gets put in. Not great.

lookng at foxtel tv guide its there

WWE is still on fox8 as well as on the WWE channel. yes, it does mean at times that both Fox8 and the WWE channel are showing the same thing, but if anything Fox8 has picked up more content with the WWE deal - for example on Tuesday Fox8 is showing WWE 24.

Foxtel should be looking at some of those specilist sports channels from the USA (rights permitting) - I’d pay extra for MLB network for example. Pac-12 is another that they should look at - College sports

Pac12 is on 7plus

For MLB/NFL networks, I have to wonder how much the recent TAB deal with them affects their ability for Foxtel to do deals for that - especially as the US sports will not give up their own streaming plans except at the right price (which is about AU$300 a season for NFL and a little less for baseball - that’s for all the games, I know NFL Network is a “free rego” online). Foxtel might baulk at it if they can’t also get the venue rights that the TAB picked up.

I’m a bit skeptical of how wide interest in college sport is in Australia; although what ESPN shows is limited to their own coverage, and I actually quite appreciate it, we’ve never been a place that rewards the lower tiers with coverage, and we don’t have a big tradition of deep coverage of uni or underage sport.

However, the Pac-12 network is available as a stream on 7plus, and those with Foxtel or Fetch for ESPN (but not Kayo) can get their conference-based networks (ACC, SEC) on WatchESPN… doubt you’re ever going to get other ones, even the Big Ten network which Fox US partners on.

I’d rather Foxtel and ESPN get off their rear and get WatchESPN access for Kayo folk as a start, but that kinda fits neither’s usual schtick and I dunno if most Kayo viewers, watching the local footy codes or cricket or whatnot, would cop the increase in price it’d likely entail.


Foxtel still has exclusive HBO content and premium ad free sports.

Kayo + Binge HD = $41 per month. Which is not significantly less than what I’m currently paying for Foxtel. Binge also doesn’t have all of the Foxtel channel content (such as news).


Don’t you mean: “While” Foxtel still has exclusive HBO content and premium ad-free sports. Foxtel broadcast deals are dropping like flies!

Foxtel HBO deal has at least another year to run and will likely be renewed. White Lotus was the most talked about new show of 2022 and Euphoria Season 3 is about to launch.

Foxtel currently owns NRL rights through 2027 and AFL rights through 2031.

With Binge, Flash and Kayo, Foxtel has positioned itself for a streaming future. Ofcourse streaming subs will eventually overtake residential cable/satellite.

As long as Fox/Kayo have premium sports rights it will remain the market leader in that space.

I think you’re referring to the Disney content exit. Which is to be expected due to the Disney+ strategy. I doubt many customers will cancel as a result. They can still watch Disney+ via their Foxtel iQ anyway.


Foxtel will also give you a Disney+ subscription for a year if you ask. They didn’t even require a 12 month contract for me when I whinged.

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