New Channel on Foxtel Ch 182, Good.

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It appears to be another kind of happy-clapper religious channel

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I think it’s just a rebranding of ACCTV (a Christian themed channel) which was already on there.

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No it’s the rebranding of the old Hillsong Channel.

its a new channel. tbn inspire is the rebrand of hill song


Yes. I know.

A bunch of Foxtel channels seem to have been stuck on this screen for over an hour

It seems to be 108 Fox8, 115 Fox Comedy, 125 Lifestyle Food, 404 Movies Kids, 406 Movies Comedy, 501 Fox Cricket, 507 Fox Sports More based on a quick flip through the channels.

The SD versions of those sports channels (571/577) are working, but not the SD versions of the others.

More than a few people upset on Twitter, especially given Australia is playing a T20 cricket match against Sri Lanka right now.


Not very useful when the web page that it directs to is incorrect as well.


correct. Good is the Old ACC and TBN inspire is the rebranded Hillsong (they changed it after the brian houston saga came out)

Foxtel are now publishing their magazine online