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I’m astounded by the improvement in quality of the Foxtel Go app since I used it last year to watch Gogglebox and Wentworth while on the road. The picture quality when streaming from an old laptop connected to a TV is stunning. I’d prefer to be able to use an iPad for the purpose but I’m happy that the laptop connected to TV via HDMI cable does the job. I’ll probably use it more often now.

A nice surprise to see the Smooth music channel now streaming on Foxtel Go since the demise of Channel V. I had been streaming Brit music channels Vintage TV and Heart TV but the quality isn’t the best and the stream drops out intermittently. While Vintage was playing some great '70s stuff this afternoon, the playlist is a little too “best of British” for my liking. Have already given Smooth a workout tonight.

I haven’t noticed any PQ improvement. :frowning:

Foxtel Go still looks shit to me on all devices…

Can confirm app has been updated.

Thanks It seems you have to download a new version and delete the old one

No improvement in the PQ :frowning:

Foxtel Go on iOS


I’ve had better quality streams compared to the example you posted above.

Yeah, I’ve deliberately picked out Fox Sports / Fox Footy as they seem to be the worst. Other channels seem to be better. I’ll try and do some other comparisons.

A selection of channels via Foxtel Go IOS

Footy Play iOS

Fox Sports 2 iOS

Fox Sports 1 iOS



Comedy Channel on Foxtel GO iOS


PQ difference is not so apparent.

From today, Foxtel Go will be known as the Foxtel app.

For now, the app remains as Foxtel Go on PC and Mac, but stay tuned for more updates.

Unfortunately the quality of the stream is as crumby as ever. A new coat of paint can’t hide the fact the app is built on shaky foundations (Silverlight).

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Don’t know why they don’t retire the Silverlight app and have an equivalent version of the Foxtel Play web browser player for residential customers

Is it necessary to have “app” appear on an app? Like, Der!

I’d rather it appear as just “Foxtel” or keep the “Foxtel Go” branding.


Complicate things even more why don’t you Foxtel.

In the iOS App Store it just appears as Foxtel. Not very easy for a new customer to differentiate between Foxtel, MyFoxtel, and Foxtel Now. Website also says it features a new look, but it looks identical to the old app to me.

Foxtel Go

Foxtel GO is back better than ever before

  • Foxtel GO streams in HD, live and On Demand

  • Chromecast and AirPlay lets Multiroom subscribers take the big screen experience with them, anytime, any place

  • Watch on tablets, smartphones and select PC & Mac browsers

Foxtel today unveiled the supercharged arrival of its popular mobile streaming app, Foxtel GO. The news marks the return of the award-winning app, bringing with it HD streaming, allowing customers to take their favourite sports and shows with them on the move and enjoy it, live and On Demand, in HD*, at no extra charge as part of their subscription.

Foxtel GO is designed for mobility, so customers never miss out on the big sporting moments or new drama, anytime, anywhere when they’re away from home and, from today, Multiroom subscribers can also take their big screen experience with them on the go with support now added for Chromecast and AirPlay.

The move means these subscribers no longer need to restrict themselves to the small screen when staying in hotels, visiting family and friends, or wherever they have access to a large screen when away from home**. Chromecast and AirPlay support comes as part of a Foxtel Multiroom subscription.

Customers can register Foxtel GO on multiple devices and watch it on two screens at the same time, meaning much more access for every corner of the household. It is available for download on the App Store, for iPads and iPhones; Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets and can be watched on PC via the Google Chrome browser or on Mac using the Safari browser at

With Foxtel GO, new customers can be up and running as soon as they sign up, without the need to wait for their main service to be installed.

Foxtel GO also arrives with new features designed to personalise the viewing experience, including personal WatchLists, Closed Captioning and universal Continue Watching across Foxtel GO supported devices.

The addition of HD and support for Chromecast and AirPlay on Foxtel GO are part of Foxtel’s ongoing wave of innovation for Australian TV that adds even more value to a Foxtel subscription.

Patrick Delany, Foxtel CEO, said, “We’ve been working hard at Foxtel to ensure that this year is one like never before. We have momentum behind our push to improve the way our customers enjoy the high quality entertainment experience they are paying for.

“We got things started with our newly secured cricket rights that are set to bowl customers over with no ad-breaks during live play starting this November, and our recently announced 4K channel will bring the sights of sport, movies and docos to you like you’ve never seen this coming October.

“Today, we’re bringing a familiar name back to our mobile app, Foxtel GO, and giving it a high-def makeover while adding the ability for our Multiroom customers to share it with big screens when you’re away from home. Foxtel is a great entertainment option for a family who can watch it together or rip it apart so each member of the family can watch what they want, where they want and when they want.

“These changes are just the beginning as we continue to make the way customers experience Foxtel better than ever before.”

HD, AirPlay and Chromecast for Foxtel GO comes as Foxtel is gearing up for the arrival of its new, dedicated, 4K channel set to take to the air in October. Foxtel in 4K promises to bring a ground-breaking new way to enjoy sport, documentaries, movies and more through Australia’s only guaranteed 4K satellite signal. Foxtel in 4K will be delivered to compatible 4K TVs through its new iQ4 set top box to Sports HD customers.

Foxtel GO requires compatible device connected to the internet. Data charges may apply. Shows only available if they’re in your pack, some shows/channels not available. Sorry, Australia only.

**Experience High Definition on some of our most popular shows and channels (depending on the content and channels in your package), including all channels in our Sport, Drama, and Movie Packs.*

**Large screen sharing requires Chromecast or Apple TV in addition to compatible mobile device. Australia Only.

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Can’t wait to get home and fire up the Intel Computestick to check out the quality. I assume this no longer runs on Silverlight and the jerky movement evident on the old Go app is a thing of the past.

Bit shitty only allowing multiroom to access casting


This should mean fans who subscribe to sports package including Fox Footy and Fox League should be able stream live matches across the full screen of their tablets and PCs, unlike the official AFL and NRL apps which restricts viewable screen size to 7 inch.

Wasn’t that already possible using Foxtel Now on a laptop and mobile phone, and then just cast it to a television?

The Foxtel Go app on Mac directs users to