Foxtel Go

yeah it works like Netflix now, an app is unnecessary.

Massive improvement. Comparable in quality to some of the US cable TV anywhere services. I get the odd stuttering frame but that’s to be expected when I’m watching on a mini computer connected to a big screen TV. The HD picture quality is beautiful. I can see the smudges on the Big League Wrap desk and the freckles on Yvonne Sampson’s face. Sport was pretty much unwatchable on the old app. I don’t watch a lot of sport but if something takes my interest at least the picture on the new Foxtel Go will be adequate. Good job, Foxtel. About bloody time.


Second that. Using an old alienware laptop. Picture is great on TV screen.

Maybe they should have say a $5 - $10 per month casting add on to allow people who might not want multiple STBs but want to be able to cast/AirPlay the ability to do so?

Full screen on Foxtel Now? Yes. Occasionally useful but I don’t really like watching video on a mobile device for long periods of time. Casting? I believe it’s possible, but I’ve never tried it. I have a Foxtel Now box and a Mac Mini hooked up to the TV so there’s really no need for me to try.

It really does sound (and look, based on screenshots) like Foxtel Go is Foxtel Now with slightly different rules and content.

Foxtel GO to be the go-to mobile app for all Foxtel customers and their families

Foxtel today announced it will focus on its Foxtel GO mobile app to provide a simplified experience for Foxtel and Foxtel Now customers and their families who use their mobile phone or tablet to enjoy the best of TV and on demand, all in one place.

Foxtel Chief Product and Strategy Officer Alice Mascia said: “We have been investing in the Foxtel GO app to provide all our customers with the best of TV and on demand on their mobile device.

“By focussing on one app, we will also add more value for Foxtel Now customers by providing access to popular features and support from Foxtel GO that were previously unavailable on the Foxtel Now app.

“These features include a preview screen to watch show trailers, an expanded Kids homepage and support for Android 10 and iOS 13, providing them with an even better mobile experience.”

Key Points

  • From 17 September, Foxtel Now customers previously using the Foxtel Now mobile app, will be directed to download the Foxtel GO app via Apple’s App Store for iPhones and iPads or Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets.
  • For customers using Chrome or Safari browsers on their PC or laptop, Foxtel can be watched at
  • Foxtel GO is available for all Foxtel and Foxtel Now customers as part of their subscription, at no extra charge.
  • Customers can register Foxtel GO on multiple devices and watch it on two screens at the same time, meaning more access to Foxtel for every corner of the household.
  • New Foxtel customers can be up and running in Foxtel GO as soon as they sign up, without the need to wait for their main service to be installed.
  • From 17 September, customers using the Foxtel Kids app will also be directed to download the Foxtel GO app which features a dedicated kids’ homepage including Parental Control options ahead of the retirement of the Foxtel Kids app in January.

Ms Mascia added: “Foxtel GO means Foxtel customers and their families never need to miss out on big sporting moments or new drama, anytime, anywhere when they’re away from the big screen or away from home.”

Good move to amalgamate all of their apps into one service and improve on that, makes you wonder why they ever spent all that money trying to make Foxtel Now a thing?


I hope this means that the change will be also implemented on PS4 and other devices that use the app, which is currently Foxtel Now and they don’t let that become a mess and incompatible.

I hope so too. They make no mention of Foxtel Now puck or Android TV app either. AFAIK Foxtel Go is only available on mobile, tablet or PC. Does this mean Project Jupiter is just around the corner?

AFR reporting today that they’ve assembled a team to work alongside the Kayo Sports people in Artarmon to get the entertainment streaming service up and running. Now known as “Project Ares”.

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Only the Foxtel Now mobile app is being retired. Foxtel Now subscribers will now have access to Foxtel Go on mobiles which IIRC is how it used to be circa 2016 with Foxtel Play.

Foxtel Now on the Puck/Telstra TV/PS4 etc is not changing.

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And they have introduced ads before you watch a episode on the Go app… never happened with Now :roll_eyes: