Fox Sports Plus updated

hey im new here so be nice ahaha

but any way im not sure if anyone else noticed but the the fox sports plus channel (507) has disappeared and i have just found out why

this is a post from foxtels Facebook page
We are currently in the process of making a change to how our customers access viewers choice – which is why channel 507 has stopped broadcasting as of the 9th of February. Rest assured, the channel will return in its new form on Thursday 23rd of February. :slight_smile:

Launching on Thursday 23 February, FOX SPORTS More will improve the viewing experience for customers by providing a new platform for the content they want from Viewers’ Choice – the channel will be accessible by pressing the red button on the remote.

Sometimes we have so much live sport on offer that we have to move it to the Red Button and our customers do not get the world-class viewing experience they deserve. FOX SPORTS More will now be the new home for this content. By moving this content to its own dedicated channel, customers now have access to a range of features including HD, search and record so they can watch all the games they want!

FOX SPORTS More will also feature exclusive pop-up channel programming stunts throughout the year as an added bonus to our customers!

Content that used to sit behind Viewers’ Choice such as additional cameos ra angles and live timing for motorsport will now become available via the FOX SPORTS app.

i also asked them wether this will work on iq2 and they said it would.

anybody herd anything about this? or is this just news to everyone?

thank you


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