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Best on Ground is so bad. Who are the shit house band? (it could be the Meatloaf effect with shitty mixing though). The mics aren’t right and every song sounds the same just with different lyrics.


Russell Robertson, Kate Ceberano’s brother and some randoms. The show would be somewhat improved if they weren’t there to begin with.


Cutting away to this garbage straight after a thrilling Preliminary Final was criminal. Why not have a proper 30 minute post game show then go to it?


Especially after flying them up too. lol

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Hate that they have no post-game and it is replaced by this show. Feels like I’m missing something while they babble on.

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The longer you watch I think the thing you start missing is brain cells…


I agree with this comment 100%, especially given Fox flew some of their best commentators to the game but at the same time, Best on Ground is supposed to serve up the post-game analysis, which was mostly Nathan Buckley trying to compose himself after watching the Pies go down.

My ideal Fox Footy schedule:

7.30: AFL360
8.30: The Howie Games (make the podcast into a show)

7.30: On the Couch

7.30: AFL360
8.30: Best on Ground

6pm: Thursday Countdown
7pm: AFL
10pm: Post-Game

6pm: Friday Countdown
7pm: AFL
10pm: Post-Game

12pm: Saturday Countdown
2pm: AFL
10pm: Saturday Stretch

12pm: Sunday Countdown
1pm: AFL
7.30pm: Bounce
8.30pm: First Crack


AFL360 - Needs to go back to its roots. Be about the storylines of the week, not about interviewing boring people. Monday show for talking about what happened that weekend, and the Wednesday show for previewing the weekend ahead

The Howie Games - If there’s one thing this man can do, it’s interview people. Same format, just tape the interview and cut it for TV. I’m sure the great man would love the exposure.

On the Couch - They’ve removed the journalists, so lean into the footy analysis. Spend a good ~7-9 minutes on each game, dive into what worked, what didn’t. Last segment (20min) can be a long form interview with a player or coach.

Best on Ground - It wants to be the footy show, make it into the footy show. Get a better house band, and a new panel. Find some players who don’t have a gag order and make it funny.

Countdown - Podcast format, previews that day’s game, talk a bit about what happened so far in the round, interview players at the ground, or who played the day before. Think crunch time on SEN.

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I’m sure the musicians are from some cover bands that regularly play at various suburban sports bars.

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Spot on, AFL360 is almost un-watchable in its current format, the show is no longer ‘Must watch’ TV now a days. Best on Ground honestly belongs in the bin, but if they really want to keep it given how much money they would’ve thrown at it, change the panel up and remove the band because they honestly do nothing for the show, also find some new writers!

On The Couch, Bounce, First Crack etc are all half-decent shows, they just need little tidy-ups to ensure the quality of the early Fox Footy days returns. Saturday Countdown was a good concept but I feel that now that Covid doesn’t affect the league that much, they can do the Saturday Pre-Game at a venue live.


Browny is back today for On the Couch

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