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Sneak peek at Orange:


Tomorrow Tonight Last Night


Superwog’s News First has gone through a refresh of its own:

Episode 2

Episode 5


Check out @spicegirls’s Tweet:


More Murphy Brown


Network Ten’s next Queensland weather presenter?

This week’s climate/weather-themed episode of Scope also gave us the opportunity to see some good Behind The Scenes shots, including parts of the set/studio we usually don’t see on camera:


So they film all the Children’s Programmes in the same studio?


From what I’ve been able to gather by some of @lexington’s posts on this forum, Studio A at TVQ is used for News, Crocamole and once a week for Totally Wild when they use the green screen for in-studio segments. Couch Time was also produced from Studio A in the past.

Toasted TV & Scope have their own space, presumably in a separate studio.


correct, although Crocamole has wrapped production.


Honestly, it’s a shame that they got rid of the stand up presentation area and just replaced it with a green screen.


I believe this Scope segment was filmed on the news green screen to allow integration with the weather graphics.


Is the framing still behind the green screen or has it been completely torn out? With only a few colour tweaks it could’ve worked extremely well with the brighter News First look.


Not sure. Last I remember hearing (from @lexington I think?), the green screen is just over the top?


it was until the recent refurb to lengthen the green screen (the lightboxes at the bottom were removed.)


Mr. Mercedes:



Relaunch pending?


News First on How to Stay Married


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