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Cross carriage Optus-Foxtel EPL is possible like Starhub-Singtel in Singapore as an example. Optus Sport channels could be available on the IQ4 but not on Kayo Sports

Interested to see where Fetch and Telstra go with the Fetch box. Isn’t that what this thread is supposed to be about?, not Optus and Foxtel. Anyone got any inside information? I’ve got a couple of Fetch boxes and I’d like to see Telstra get more channels.


Not on the IQ5 though?

Hopefully when the exclusive agreement expires, they will come on to fetch.

I switched from Optus to Aussie Broadband a few years ago and haven’t looked back. The customer service is on another level and based in Australia. Optus were hopeless to deal with and very inconvenient when you have to jump on their website and do a live chat for technical issues, instead of an old fashioned phone call.

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Seeing as the Optus Sport app isn’t all that bad, and I think also available on Apple TV I don’t think it will be much of a loose to them. Now Optus have some experience with streaming it wouldn’t be hard for them to add extra channels. But that’s a discussion for another thread.


Not difficult for Optus to add Optus Sport on the IQ4/IQ5 at all. It’s available on smart TV’s too

Optus have joined with Netflix now, you can get Netflix as part of your monthly internet plan.

You can also pay for multiple “subscriptions” through Optus Sub Hub.

Going with Netflix isn’t the same my friend.

Optus have really gone downhill in the last few years. They can’t stream a FIFA World Cup and they are too busy complaining about TPG sharing towers with Telstra, instead of fixing up their own backyard.

Doesn’t Optus Sport have it’s own thread? Apart from being on Fetch they have nothing to do with Fetch ownership so why do the posts about them feature day after day? I realise they partnered with Fetch but so did many other Telcos. Fetch is now 51% owned by Telstra and I look forward to what they will do with it. Hopefully they will make a better job of it than with their Telstra TV. Maybe take on Foxtel if they drop their 33% share in that company.

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100% exactly.

Mate that was years ago move on they would be more than capable now.


Geez, it’s only been a couple of days. Anyway, as the person who I think originally brought it up I apologise for simply asking a question. However, the partnership that Fetch had with Optus was a lot more than what was had with other ISP’s. Fetch and Optus were quite integrated to the point that Optus Sports is actually in the menu system rather than just an app like all the other apps they have. I was wondering what the likely focus of that was going to be now with Telstra ownership.


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