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Why do the Liberals keep wanting to make her a thing in federal politics? She’s what’s wrong with the current crop of Liberals in federal politics.

She’s more suited to the likes of One Nation and United Australia with all the claptrap and arrogance associated with her.



Trust a lefty to want the Liberals to be well… left.

They never win from the centre left.

Abbott ripped Labor apart from the right.

You of course will say times have changed since then, but I beg to differ.

A conviction poli from the right is the Liberals best chance. The poli in question just needs the guts to call out the mainstream (left) media in a respectable way.

That’s Labor’s own fault with Gillard and Rudd constantly knifing each other and Abbott capitalised on that.

And remember what happened to Abbott? Got knifed by Turnbull who was from the centre (or in your imaginary world, the far left) and then lost his seat to Zali Steggall in 2019. Trust the people of Warringah to see through the piece of crap Abbott was in parliament, and that seat has been Liberal through and through so it must say something when they disposed the member they’ve voted for 25 years.

No one is asking Liberal Party to be a carbon copy of the Labor Party. Centre-right is their position so they need to focus on that. They say you don’t win from the fringes, only from the centre. Leave the ultra-right wing stuff to United Australia and One Nation and if they’re really as mainstream as you suggest then let’s see if they can win government.

Well Deves didn’t even win her seat and the likes of Kevin Andrews on the far-right lost pre-selection to a newbie in Menzies so that says a lot about these so-called ‘conviction pollies’.

I feel like we need some full on far lefties on this forum to counter some of the far-right nonsense we’ve been seeing recently.



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Need to be more RED for the ‘Media Spy Woke Communist Revolution’.

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Yes, that famous leftie Rupert Murdoch, who owns half of Australia’s newspapers and the most right wing news channel in the southern hemisphere. And that other notorious communist Peter Costello who owns the other half of the Australian press. Mate, pull the other one.

Greens? Or are they too right wing for you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: