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What an absolute clown :roll_eyes:

She’s about as close to Trump in terms of ideological fascism.


I think Hanson’s behaviour was disgraceful. I hope she will not be late for Senate sessions so she can skip the acknowledgment of country and Lord’s Prayer.

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I’m sure the likes of Pauline Hanson and those extreme right wing nut bags in parliament will be delighted with this.

I’ve heard the proposed referendum question and it doesn’t answer what this will really mean in practice. What is a “voice”? What are the powers? How does it work in practice? I think they’re in dangerous territory by putting a referendum to the people that doesn’t describe what it actually means legally. I’m a centre-left Labor voter so it’s not just a left vs. right thing.


Albanese makes it out to be a straightforward proposition, but I fear it’s not going to be that way. There are many questions that will need to be answered to get people across the line - can’t help but feel that this feels a little bit like the republic referendum where the premise is sound, but the detail is what could let it down from getting the votes needed.

I’d like to know what protections are going to be put in place to stop future governments from dismantling it


Yeah feels like albanese needs a reality check of how public debate goes in the 21st century. People lose sight of the big picture quickly and obsess over ridiculous details and come up with absurd slippery slopes and conspiracies. We haven’t seen much of what the No campaign would look like yet. The government seems complacent that their honeymoon period will continue on this. They need to get busy preempting the arguments and strategy.

The flag referendum in NZ started with strong support but was defeated by a very simple strategy of smearing the selection process. Brexit was achieved using immigration scare tactics. Australia is not above any of that.

The referendum will fail.

It is absolutely fanciful to think that a majority of Australians in a majority of states will vote yes. Particularly as Labor is refusing to provide any details about what a “voice” is and if these “voices” will be elected or not.

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I’d imagine a Sky talking-head-led series of dog-whistling and worse.

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Yes I’m sure Sky will take that tactic.

However I think the No campaign will be far more fundamental and based around equity. Malcolm Turnbull actually articulated it well. An additional voice in parliament for a specific group of people means all Australians do not have an equal voice.

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I agree with you. I think it’s going to be an embrrassing and thumping defeat personally.

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From what I have read so far, the Voice is an Indigenous body which will only be consulted by the federal government on laws directly impacting on Indigenous people and/or Torres Strait Islanders. Albanese’s idea is that if the referendum is a success, then he will reveal more details on this body.

Now it’s up to the Indigenous people to convince the rest of the Australian community that we should trust them and vote yes in the referendum.

61% approval rating for Albanese


The Australian
has published the first Newspoll since the federal election, showing Labor opening up a commanding 56-44 lead, compared with a two-party result of 52.1-47.9 at the election. The primary votes are Labor 37% (compared with 32.6% at the election), Coalition 33% (35.7%), Greens 12% (12.2%), One Nation 6% (5.0%) and United Australia Party 2% (4.1%).

Anthony Albanese’s approval rating has shot from 41% before the election to 61%, while his disapproval rating has fallen from 46% to 26%. The former exceeds honeymoon approval ratings recorded by Tony Abbott (47%), Kevin Rudd (59%) and John Howard (45%) upon Newspoll’s return after the three previous changes of government. The net result of plus 35% is the strongest since the early days of Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership in November 2015, and previously by Kevin Rudd in October 2009.

Sky News will be triggered by these poll results.


I think a hurdle for this is that older Australians will remember the ATSIC debacle and terrible corruption.

So who is next in line after Peter Dutton? Might start churning through them quickly on those numbers.

Even the worst leaders are given a year in opposition before being replaced.

I wonder if Scott Morrison could become opposition leader? It wouldn’t be any more desperate than Matthew Guy returning to Victorian liberal leader after he lead them to a landslide defeat in 2018.

Unless you are Brendan Nelson or Kim beazley

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Considering they are allegedly seeking new candidates for his electorate I would say it’s a 0% chance.

How good is this. Liberals led by Dutton getting the gradual obliteration they deserve. They still haven’t learnt from Scomo’s disaster and this added with Dutton’s arrogance is the perfect storm.